2015 Easily Install Kodi 15.1 Isengard to New Amazon FireTV & FireTV Stick [VIDEO SERIES EPISODE-1]

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  • September 26, 2015

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2015 Simple Step-ByStep Guide to Install Kodi on Your Amazon FireTV & Fire TV Stick


Hello everyone this is a video tutorial on how to install Kodi on your Amazon fire TV or fired TV stick. What we’re going to do here is show you a pre-edited video of the actual process step-by-step for preparing your fire TV and Fire TV stick and actually installing the Kodi software and numerous Kodi add-ons to give you access to literally hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows, as well as live television, pay-per-view events, sports and so on. So what we’re gonna go ahead and do is play the video and as it goes through you’ll notice that some areas have been sped up just because it can take quite a while, especially when installing Kodi from your computer to your fire TV or fire TV stick, which is done through your network. So depending on your network speeds, your router, and whatever else you have going on in the house as far as streaming television; which I actually would say not to do any of that while you’re doing this. Make sure that anyone else in the house is not streaming, downloading, uploading anything. It’ll just make it go smoother. So I will kind of do commentary as we go along through here and point out any areas that may or may not be problematic for people.

So what we’re going to do here is prepare your fire stick. Now this is what happens when you first plug-in a brand new fires stick. So what this does here is actually show you the setup if you bought this from Amazon. What Amazon does is automatically link your Amazon account to your fire TV or fire TV stick. The good news is it’s easy if you want to do it that way otherwise it does have the option to register different accounts. So we’ll continue. We’re going to get on the network SSID, put in your password and connect. This can take a few seconds while it gathers all the information for a superior secure connection now it will instantly check for updates, again don’t worry updates are fine.

Technically you’re not jailbreaking or rooting your fire TV or fire TV stick you’re simply sideloading an apk which is Kodi. So let it do its thing, updating it doesn’t matter.
You can either continue with your account that’s registered or change it to another one. On a side note, if you’re doing this for a friend it’s super easy. Just use your account right now and once you’ve installed Kodi, and everything else, and you’re ready to hand it back to your friend simply go into your settings and all the way at the very end you’ll see a place where you can unregister it if you’re doing this for a friend or relative or whoever else; yes go ahead and use your account. It’s okay, you can take it off before you hand it over to them.

Once you go through that process, Amazon instantly takes you to a little tutorial video. The video is a few minutes long. I’ve tried numerous ways to fast forward through it. The only way that I found that works is when the video is playing, if i connect my iphone app for the fire TV to the fire TV that’s playing, somehow interrupts it. That’s the only way to get around watching it. So as soon as it is done it is going to show you this screen. The screen is for parental controls. If you want to set up parental controls now, go ahead. Otherwise you can do it anytime later through the system settings.

So what we’re going to do now is continue on to actually retrieve the IP address from our fireTV. Now, the IP address is what the router assigns to give it access to the Internet. What we’re gonna do is connect to that IP address through a computer so we can install Kodi. So let me show you where you go to actually get that IP address. Go from the home screen down to your settings. From settings, go to your system menu. On the very top here, select the about section and then go down to where it says network and you’ll see the IP address up top. Write down your IP address because you’re going to need that later. Ok, so now that that’s done, what we’re gonna do is set up our fire TV to be able to have the APK installed. in the system developer options, ADB debugging on the right is off, so click that on and then apps from unknown. Click OK, and again that was in the system developer options. The other thing we’re gonna do is install an app from the Amazon app store called IkonoTV. Now what developers have done is put basically a dummy app within the Amazon Appstore. With that app it basically allows us a place where we can then create an actual link from the Amazon home screen to Kodi. Go to the top search and type in IkonoTV and download it, it’s free. So, we’re now done setting up your Amazon FireTV. Now what we’re going to do is go to your computer and open up ADB fire.

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