2015 Install Kodi Fast & Easy to Amazon FireTV [VIDEO SERIES EPISODE-2]

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  • September 26, 2015

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  • Cole says:

    So this is where I’m running into my issue. I have recently purchased a Fire Tv Stick in hopes of putting Kodi on it. I have been trying unsuccessfully for a while now. I have turned on the both of the developer options on my fire stick and correctly copied my IP Address. I have Ikono TV installed. Now this is where I run into my issue. I correctly installed adbFire 1.30 both on my Windows and Mac laptops. After inputing the Description and IP Address for the device I click Save and I can never get the IP Address to show up in the Connected devices window. Same thing on both laptops. I have tried stopping add and refreshing it, disconnecting and reconnecting but still no luck. I have even tried updating the adbFire software to 2.01 and retried everything on both systems only to have the same result. I have tried it with both the firewall on and off on both systems as well.