Amazon FireTV Set To Release AppleTV Killer

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  • September 2, 2015

amazon-fire-tvApple’s September 9th release of their new product updates is sure to reveal the new line of Apple TV’s with the possibilities for some major changes to our televisions. The big question is though, what is Amazon going to do about it? Well there seems to be some rumors abound that Amazon may be holding out to try and eclipse Apple’s new product announcements with a surprise announcement of their own new Amazon FireTV’s and FireTV Stick updates.

What is known right now is that Amazon fireTV’s are outselling Apples TV’s by a landslide. Much of that has to do with the Amazon FireTV selling price, as well as more advanced hardware compared to Apple’s older hardware. The strange thing is though, Amazon is completely sold out of FireTV’s and there’s no estimated date for getting them back in stock. If we’ve learned anything form Amazon’s marketing, they’re quite the opposite of the way Apple operates. Apple prefers to hype a large audience and official dates of their press conferences, where Amazon likes to just drop it on us and let the shock absurd over time. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that Amazon is sitting patiently in the corner while Apple TV has their spotlight on September 9th, and just as the world thinks Apple has “Done it Again” Amazon sweeps right in dropping an AppleTV killer on the market for everyone to rejoice about.

Much has been placed on the potential of subscription-like cable channels becoming available on Apple TV devices, and Apple certainly has the clout to pull it off. The question remains, does Amazon have that same pull? Could their recent success in creating their own content have given them more strength in the industry to pull off what Apple couldn’t? There’s a lot remaining to be seen, but we should have a much clearer picture what the two powerhouse companies are up to within a week or so. Stay tuned.

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