Hack and Jailbreak, New Apple TV Release September 9th

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  • September 2, 2015

Major Announcements on Apple TV’s

Hack-Apple-TV-news-sept-9Apple’s getting ready to drop the major announcement of their new Apple TV lineup on September 9th, 2015. Hackers are already gearing up to jailbreak this updated device, but besides hacking, there are some big updates coming to Apple’s new lineup. First off, the integration of Siri, combined with a universal search feature will make finding any movie or TV show fast and easy. Search will scrape all installed services including Netflix and Hulu. This is sure to excite a lot of users, especially ones who have cut the cord to cable and rely on their subscription based content.

The new AppleTV’s are rumored to be starting at $149, with the possibility of higher priced models with upgraded features such as larger internal memory and faster processors. Probably the most talked about feature will be the newly designed motion sensor, touch-pad remote. This new remote, and the newly released Apple TV SDK suggests Apple will be promoting casual gaming on their new AppleTV’s. A surprise to most though is that Apple is intending to keep their current Apple 3 as the low-priced point of the new lineup for entry-level.

AppleTV’s internal memory will be between 8-16 GB and the new AppleTV remote will be black, not silver, as the current remote is. Whether or not Apple TV will finally come out with their rumored TV subscription service has yet to be seen. Industry experts are torn, some believing content providers have stalled negotiations, while others believe it’s already been signed and ready for announcement. We’ll see if the cable companies were able to win this fight on September 9th.

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