How To Hack Your Amazon FireTV Install Kodi XBMC For Free Cable Movies PPV TV

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  • June 20, 2015

Install Kodi or XBMC to Your Amazon FireTV Fast and Easy For Free Cable, No Hack Needed!

amazon-firetvThat’s right, you read that correctly, No Hack Needed!

Amazon FireTV is very easy to use for installing Kodi or XBMC for access to free movies, tv, ppc, live sports and much more. Amazon has made it very easy to sideload android applications on to your Amazon FireTV. You are not voiding any warranties by doing this, and so far, none of Amazon’s software updates to their FireTV’s have harmed the Kodi or XBMC installation. The good part about that is your Amazon FireTV will function exactly as it was intended, so you’re still able to play Amazon games, watch your Amazon Prime movies and TV Shows and any other thing Amazon intended for it’s Fire TV’s. You’ll just have the added benefit of having a media application installed with access to third-party add-ons to provide you with any free content you want. New release movies, brand new tv shows, live television, live PPV events, UFC, WWE, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, the list goes on and on. There are literally hundreds of thousands of free movies and tv available through the integration of Kodi and XBMC. Follow the simple directions below to install Kodi onto your Amazon FireTV and start watching countless new movies.

How To Install Kodi to Your Amazon FireTV:

amazon-firetv-installation-update-hack-kodiIf you have a brand new Amazon FireTV, it’ll connect to your network and download the latest Amazon FireTV software. Let it. Don’t worry, it won’t effect this installation at all. Once it’s installed it will start an introduction video that’s a couple minutes long and unfortunately you can’t skip. Occasionally we’ve had luck in interrupting the introduction by syncing our Amazon FireTV iPhone App to our Amazon FireTV. When you attempt to sync, a numeric password pops on the screen to confirm on your phone. This interrupts the video and usually ends it, moving right into the next step.

So the first thing you need to do is make sure your Amazon fireTV is running on a tv and synced to your wireless network. Once it’s all setup, you’ll need to go into the settings and look up the network IP address:

Go to Settings>System>Developers Options



Select the ADB debugging so it’s ON


Select OK


Now select Install Apps From Unknown Sources and Click ON


Now navigate to Setting>System>About>Network


Write down your IP Address, for example


STEP 2: Download The Software

First off, you’re going to need to download KODI (XBMC) and adbFire for either Windows or Mac. Click on the buttons below to download the software you’ll need.

Download Kodi For Amazon FireTV Stick Here Download adbFire For Windows Here Download adbFire For Macs Here

Now that you have ADBFire downloaded and installed, it’s time to open it and click SETUP DEVICE:


Add the IP address you wrote down in the steps above and click SAVE:


Now Click CONNECT and make sure your device is connected. The bottom of the window will tell you your status. Make sure your ADB Server is running as well. If it’s not, first make sure your device is connected, then click on the button that says START under the ADB Server settings:


Once you’ve confirmed your ADB is running and your Device is Connected, it’s time to install Kodi. Click the button that says INSTALL APK and then navigate the Kodi installation file you downloaded earlier::


Once you’ve selected the Kodi apk file, click YES for confirmation:


ADBFire will now start installing your Kodi APK to your Amazon FireTV. The Kodi file is about 62mb and can take a little while to upload to your Amazon FireTV. It also depends on your wifi connection and network speeds. If you’re streaming movies off Netfilx while you do this it could take 30 minutes. Sometimes it can take as long 15 minutes with nothing on your network clogging bandwidth. Keep in mind the blue progress bar isn’t a true progress bar. It will keep cycling through for however long it takes to install the APK. Just be patient and give it time. Again make sure you’re Device is Connected and ADB is Running. If it’s been longer than an hour, restart everything and try again.


When it’s completed installation, a confirmation window will appear:


Click OK to close the confirmation window. Congratulations! Kodi is now installed on your Amazon FireTV…but we’re not done yet. There’s still a few more really cool things to finish up, you’re almost done. Go ahead and start Kodi on your Amazon FireTV. To do this, go to SETTINGS>APPLICATIONS>MANAGE INSTALLED APPLICATIONS:


Once that opens up, find Kodi in the list, select it and then click LAUNCH APPLICATION. Kodi will run through it’s initial one time opening. Once it has launched go ahead and hit the HOME button (house icon) on your Amazon FireTV remote. It’ll take you to the home screen of your FireTV. Search for the App IKONO TV on the Amazon app store and download it. It is a free application that we will you use to create a shortcut icon for launching Kodi on your Amazon FireTV home screen so it’s super simple to launch. Once Ikono TV has downloaded and installed, it’s now time to install Llama. Go back to adbFire and click Llama Options. The Llama Options window will open, make the following selections circled in red and click OK. (Make sure your device is still connected and ADB server is still running)


Llama will install and give a window confirmation:


Go ahead and click OK. Now lets install a cool Amazon FireTV – Kodi splash screen for when it starts up. In adbFire, click on Splash Screen:


A file browser window will open up. Select the first image file and click OK. The splash screen will install and give you a confirmation:


Now lets go to your Amazon FireTV and install those Llama options we just added. Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Installed Applications and select Llama:



Now Llama is going to run through a couple of disclaimer screens. just click OK and Accept for all of them:

amazon-firetv-llama-launch-screen2 amazon-firetv-llama-launch-screen1

Once the screens are finished and Llama is running, use your remote to click down and select the bottom right icon on the Llama home screen. It’s a yellow square icon with a Llama and a question mark in it:


Now select Import/Export Data:


Select Import from USB Storage:


Confirm your selection, click YES:


Llama is now configured properly and your Kodi should work perfectly with your Amazon FireTV. Go ahead and disconnect from adbFire and close adbFire. Restart your Amazon FireTV by holding the Play/Pause and the Select button at the same time for 5-7 seconds until it restarts. Upon restarting, your Amazon FireTV will boot to Kodi automatically, To get to your Amazon FireTV Home Screen, just click the Home button on your remote. You’ll bounce right on over to the home screen very easily. From there you can use your FireTV just how Amazon intended. There is also now a Kodi shortcut icon in your RECENTS on the home screen.

Now it’s time to install some Add-Ons for free Movies and TV. To get started there, jump on over to our SuperRepo installation article where you’ll have access to the best Add-Ons available for Kodi to watch free movies, tv shows and live television,,,did we mention it’s all FREE?!


Installation Guide For Installing SuperRepo, Giving You Instant Access to FREE Movies & TV

Next Step: Installing SuperRepo

Here’s Everything You Need For Free Movies and TV:



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  • Tom says:

    I installed kodi llama and the add ons. Upon turning on fire TV, it goes straight to Amazon home instead of kodi. Kodi appears under recent but when I click on it, it’s just screen savers and German language saying loading

  • jj says:

    When I installed kodi and llama then went to splash screen it told me that tvaddons,tvmc is not installed

  • jc says:

    the download for KODI (XBMC) no longer works. Is there an alternate source?

  • Steve says:

    I keep getting pop ups that say “Cannot create log file” along with other pop us.
    The bottom says ADB not running Device not connected.
    I’ve followed the directions to the “T”! Does this mean new Fire boxes are useless for KODI, etc….?

  • GUIDO says:

    can connect the adb to the fire stick, says ADB running but device not connected, any help? (im on a mac), thanks

  • fred says:

    how do I get the fire stick connected with the computer

  • JOANNA says:

    it just keeps device connecting over and over… the green bar gets filled then it goes back to grey. any suggestions?

    • Gary says:

      Reboot the Stick and your PC and try again. Sometimes this happens. Make sure you have the correct IP also make sure the devoloper options are both set to on.

  • Glen E. says:

    Can someone assist?

    I do not want my Amazon Fire TV to default to Kodi. I would like it to be available, but, not primary.

    What settings do I need to change so it does not start up with Kodi?


  • JustTested says:


    all fine, works perfect!

    Thank You.

  • Paul says:

    Struggling… Keeps saying ADB Stopped, all instructions followed but not connecting at all…

  • Nick says:

    downloaded files and nothing really installed and unable to open says need an app to open files at the very beginning…. help?

  • pau; says:

    help IKONO TV is no longer avaibale for amazon fire stick so i cant install llama please reply

  • John says:

    When it says ‘download and install ADBFire’ does that mean download it onto your computer? If not, how do you download it to your Fire stick? If so, how does your computer interact with Fire stick? I find this mind-boggling. Fire stick is in HDMI port of TV, how on earth does ADBFire or any other program on PC connect to Fire stick?

  • Zeke says:

    Hey guys, how do you install ADB on your computer? I downloaded the ADB zip folder, extracted it, but can’t find a way to install it. Read me files don’t really explain anything. Thanks

  • Matt says:

    Zeke- look for adbFire in the abdfw130 folder after you’ve extracted. It is the largest thing in your folder. Double click on it and it should open the program.

    I had no problems doing this on my new FireStick, but when trying it on the FS I got when they were first released, I can’t get Kodi to load. Anyone else have this problem with an older model FS?

  • Scott says:

    Upon trying to run adbFire on a mac, it keeps saying”can’t create logfile” and won’t recognize stick or do much of anything. Any ideas? Thanks

  • KJ says:

    Can the fire box (not the stick) install Genesis through the KODI interface? If so, how?

  • Lyndsey says:

    Can’t seem to download kodi when I unzip it there s no exe file ? Any pointers to how I open kodi file

  • Dave says:

    How is this legal?

  • LunYeung says:

    Sounds great! Awesome! Time to try it.

  • Kyle says:

    Will this work on the Amazon Fire Media Streamer?