How to Watch New Release Movies For Free With the MASHUP Add-On

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  • January 5, 2015

Watch New Movies That Are Still In The Theatre

It’s Award season, and we know what that means…DVD Screeners! Apart from the Sony Hack where movies such as Annie and The Interview were released online, award season brings us tons of new screeners being sent out for consideration. These simple steps using Mashup and Kodi will tap you in to the best new release movies available for you to watch for free.

Follow These Steps: If you don’t already have Kodi (formerly XBMC) installed, you’ll need to do that first. If you already have Kodi or XBMC installed, skip to STEP 2.

STEP 1. Follow our Installation Guide for Your Mac OSX or Windows here.
Make sure your system doesn’t automatically unzip the file when you download it. If it does, you’ll need to download it again onto your desktop. Re-zipping the file will not work when installing into Kodi.

STEP3. Launch KODI or XBMC if you haven’t already and navigate to System>Settings>Add-ons>Install from zip file. Use the file browser to navigate to your Select it and click OK.

STEP4. Click the Home button on the bottom of your window. Now navigate to Videos>Video Add-ons>Mashup


STEP 5. Click on Super Movies, then Featured Movies. Wait a few seconds while Mashup aggregates newly released movies. When it loads, it will display the movies in the order they’ve been released online.


Mashup-Featured-Movies Mashup-featured-movies-new-releasesSTEP 6. Select the movie you would like to watch and wait for Mashup to find all of the streams matching the movie. Make sure to pay attention to the titles of all of the streams that appear. Some of them will be incorrect, or slightly close to what you wanted. Look at the year it came out and what the quality is. For example, in the screenshot below I know that the movie I’m looking for was released in 2014. I also want the 720p version, and from my experience, I know that Movie 25, iWatchOnline and TubePlus are all very reliable. Xvid TVRelease is usually a good stream as well, that is my selection below.

Mashup-Penguins-Madagascar Mashup-Madagascar-streams

STEP 7. Once I selected Xvid TVRelease, Mashup loads another set of links matching the XviD TVRelease. Not every link always works, so I always start from the top and keep going until I find a great stream. Occassionally some of the links will have a CAPTCHA to prevent bots from massive downloading of entire servers. It’s a little annoying, but I’ve also found that CAPTCHA streams tend to be good, fast streams, so it’s often worth it. Mashup-Madagascar-stream-hugefiles Mashup-resolving-link Mashup-captcha

STEP 8. Once you’ve found a good link, your movie will start playing. If you immediately start getting buffering issues, go back and find a different link. I promise you, every movie has great, high definition, fast streaming links. You just have to do a little digging sometimes. In this case, my first choice went through perfectly!Mashup-Penguins-Madagascar-movie Mashup-The-Interview Mashup-The-Interview-links

That’s how you watch brand new movie releases through Mashup. Some of the movies will be crappy cams from inside a movie theatre, but a good majority are screeners, DVD and Blu-Ray rips.

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