How to Watch NFL Games on Firestick With Kodi

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  • September 29, 2016

How Do I Watch NFL Games on Kodi with a Firestick?

kodi nfl sportsdevilWatching NFL games on your Amazon Firestick is easy with Kodi. Kodi is a media player that can be installed on many devices such as an Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Apple TV, PC’s, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Fire tablets and more. The magic of Kodi comes from the 3rd party developers that create Add-Ons that can be installed on Kodi. A lot of these plugins provide live links to stream every football game. We’ve got the insider information to show you the best places to watch your favorite online team every week.

4 Step process to Watch NFL on Kodi for Free

1. Click here to follow our super-simple 2 minute installation guide for installing Kodi to your FireTV and Firestick

2. Install Fusion Repo to your Kodi by following this easy guide here

3. Using the Featured Addons Program in the article above, install SportsDevil

4. Open SportsDevil by going to Video>Add-Ons>SportsDevil>Live Sports

Watch all NFL Games on Kodi

SportsDevil is the best place to watch all NFL games on Kodi. They’re a huge aggregator of links for streaming sports like the NFL, UFC, WWE, MLB, NBA and more. The tricky part is weeding through all of the various links and streams to find ones that actually work well. You’ll become more familiar with the various link types as you play around and see what works. A lot of streams are unreliable and will drop off every few minutes or not work at all. That’s the price we pay for not paying a price$. Other streams are extremely strong and will have high definition with a strong stream. Follow our expert advice below on what usually works the best on SportsDevil.

Best Streams on SportsDevil for NFL Games

how to watch nfl on kodi


These sports streams aggregators tend to be the most reliable when it comes to watching NFL games on Kodi for free. It’s recommended to try out each of these to see which one has the most reliable, and best quality streams on game day. Once you open each stream aggregator, click on American Football or Now Playing on game day. From there you will see a listing of each NFL game being streamed. Most of the times listed are east coast times, so be mindful of that. Clicking on the  game you want to watch will bring up a window with a list of streams. It’s usually best to start with the stream on the bottom of the list, as that is the one that is most recently added and gives you a way better chance of finding a great stream sooner than later. This isn’t a 100% proven method, but for the majority of the time this rule works best.

Enjoy the games!

how to watch nfl on kodi fire stick