Free Stream PPV UFC 186 Johnson vs Horiguchi & Rampage Jackson Returns on Kodi

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Watch UFC 186 Johnson v Horiguchi Live and free on SportsDevil

ufc-186-johnson-ppv-free-stream-liveFight fans rejoice! Despite Renan Barao & TJ Dillashaw’s rematch getting cancelled due to a Dillishaw injury, this card still looks damn promising with the return of Quinten “Rampage” Jackson into the Octagon. Of course, lets not forget the main event, as Mighty Mouse Johnson defends his title, once again, against Kyogi Horiguchi. Mighty Mouse has held the title so long, people are starting to forget that this division even exists. Johnson is hardly on anyone’s radar, and despite him being a long-time champion, I don’t think he has any buzz surrounding him. I almost feel like Dana White and Joe Silva are hoping he gets defeated. Maybe that’s why they chose a number 8 ranked contender to get a shot at the title. They’re secretly hoping for an upset so they can start creating some buzz around this belt. You can’t deny Johnson’s perfect technique though, plus the fact he finishes his opponents. for some reason, maybe his lack of controversy, he still kind of sits under the radar.

We’re in for a treat though as Rampage is welcomed back into the Octagon against heavy hitter Fabio Maldonado. Rampage has been trying to work his way back up under the Belator organization, but that hasn’t paid off. I think we all know Quinten Jackson’s days are better suited on the set of the next A-team movie, but I won’t mind watching Maldonado punch a whole through his thick ass head. Look for a second round KO while Quinten tastes canvas.

C.B. Dollaway faces off against Micheal “the count” Bisping in what’s sure to be a KO by Dollaway. Did you see that UFC special about Bisping’s eye? Hell, I don’t think he can see half of the shit flying towards his face. Dana’s letting him in there to get a couple more paychecks before he’s all washed up. Dolloway takes this by a ground and pound TKO in the third round.

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How to Install AAA Stream For Streaming UFC 186 Live and Free

Now that you have Kodi or XBMC installed, you need add AAA Stream from the SuperRepo repository in order to stream UFC 186 live on PPV on April 25th, 2015. Follow the step-by-step directions in the video below to get AAA Stream installed and enabled for Live access to tons of PPV UFC, Boxing and WWE events.

Make sure to return to this page as the fight gets closer for up-to-the-minute updates on the best live streams for free access to PPV UFC 186.

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