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How to Hack a Fire TV Stick to Install Kodi Fast and Easy

Easy Steps to Hack Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Without a Computer

Follow our latest version to hack your Fire TV Stick. You can download and install Kodi in minutes.

The following directions show you how to hack a Fire TV Stick and install the latest Matrix 19, Kodi Leia 18, Krypton 17 or Jarvis 16, so you can watch free movies and cable TV.

This is the easiest and fastest way to download and install Kodi on your Fire TV Stick without having to use a computer. The only thing you’ll need is a free HDMI port to plug in your fire tv stick. Because of that, you actually don’t even have to hack or root your system in order to install Kodi. This way, there is absolutely no risk of bricking your Amazon streaming device, making it easy to watch online TV shows!

You’ll need to change two system settings and download ES File Explorer app (free) to your Fire TV Stick. Follow these super simple steps to have Kodi installed in minutes.

Hack Your Fire TV Stick and Install Kodi 16 Jarvis, Krypton 17, Leia 18, Matrix 19

Step 1: Install a VPN From IPVanish

You’re in the process of installing Kodi to your Fire TV Stick, so chances are you’ll be streaming movies and tv shows within the hour. Do yourself a huge favor and get a VPN from IPVanish. The government has been cracking down hard on illegal streaming. As a result, Kodi users have been targeted as potential copyright infringers. If you can find a VPN from somewhere like, you’ll have a much easier time with the entire process.

VPN’s hide your identity online and prevent your ISP from obtaining any logs of your internet activity. VPN’s also prevent your ISP from blocking streaming servers which can be very frustrating trying to use Kodi. Take 2 minutes and get a VPN from IPVanish.

Step 2: Change Your Fire TV Stick System Settings

On your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, navigate to Settings>System>Developer Options

Amazon Fire TV Stick Hack system developer options for kodi
Amazon Fire TV Stick Developer Options

Turn On ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources. This will enable your Fire TV Stick to install Kodi.

hack Fire TV Stick kodi warning
Enable applications from unknown sources on Amazon Fire TV Stick
Enable ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources on Amazon Fire TV Stick Hack
ADB Debugging and Unknown Sources Enabled on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Step 3: Install ES File Explorer

From your Fire TV’s main menu, Search for the app ES File Explorer and install it. Please note, you must type in the whole name “ES File Explorer” and hit search to find the app. it does not show up in Amazon’s suggested search terms.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Hack ES Explorer Download Step
ES File Explorer Download on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Open ES File Explorer and on the left side, click Tools to open that menu. Now select Download Manager.

On the bottom of the screen Select the + New button and when the window pops-up type in name it Kodi Jarvis or whatever Kodi version you want and then click Add.

Fire TV Stick Hack For ES Explorer to Install Kodi

Select + NEW at the bottom of the ES Explorer Screen
Fire TV Stick Hack For ES Explorer to Add Kodi to ES File Exporer
Type in the path and name it Kodi. Click Add

Select Kodi from the bottom left side of the screen.

Select Kodi from the bottom right corner to launch the download screen
You’ll see Kodi at the bottom the list on the left side in ES Explorer. Click it to Open

Step 4: Installing Kodi to the Fire TV Stick

The Kodi Download page will open and show all of the available devices your can download Kodi software for. Select the Android APK Installer.

Select the Kodi Android Installer for your Fire TV Stick
The Kodi Download Page Will Open On Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Kodi will start to download to your Fire TV Stick. Wait until it completes before continuing.

Kodi is downloading to Fire TV Stick from ES Explorer

When Kodi finishes downloading to your Fire TV Stick, you will see a success window. When that open, select Open File to continue.

jailbreak-amazon-Fire TV Stick-kodi-tvmc-20
Kodi has downloaded successfully. Select Open File to continue.

On the next step, select Install to continue with the Kodi installation.

jailbreak-amazon-Fire TV Stick-kodi-tvmc-21
Select Install to continue installing Kodi to your Fire TV Stick

If you are updating an older version of Kodi, you will see another window confirming the updated application. Click Install on this screen as well.

jailbreak-amazon-Fire TV Stick-kodi-tvmc-23

Once Kodi has installed, click Open and Kodi will prepare to run for the first time on your system. This may take a moment, but once complete, Kodi will load faster the next time you open it.

jailbreak-amazon-Fire TV Stick-kodi-tvmc-26
jailbreak-amazon-Fire TV Stick-kodi-tvmc-27

Kodi is now installed on your Amazon Fire TV or Firetick. To launch it from your Amazon home screen, navigate down to System>Manage Applications scroll down and select Kodi and then click Launch.

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