How to Install Nintendo 64 on Firestick and Fire TV Play Free Games


Install N64 and Donkey Kong 64 on Your Amazon FireTV & Firestick

amazon-fire-tv-stick-N64-GamingThe Amazon FireTV and Firestick are both powerful little machines and are great for gaming as well as playing movies and tv. The larger and slightly more expensive Fire TV is great for playing newer games that are heavy in graphics and need a lot of extra processing power for a smooth game-play experience. However, for older games such as those played on Nintendo, Atari, Gameboy, N64, Super Nintendo, Play Station etc., both the FireTV and the stick version do an amazing job with emulators and ROMs. Many people already enjoy playing ROMs using emulators (like those on FileProto) running on their Windows machines, so it’s fantastic to see support for other platforms coming in.

Play SNES Nintendo Games With ROMs and Emulators

If you’re unfamiliar with the terms ROM and emulator, this might be a little challenging at first, but I promise you, by the time you get through this article you’ll be playing Donkey Kong 64 on your Amazon FireTV wondering what all the stupid people in the world are doing.

So what is an emulator? Simply put, an emulator is a software program written and designed to emulate a gaming system. Back in 1988 you needed major hardware to run an 8-bit Nintendo gaming system, but these days, processing power is so fast, we can replicate the hardware performance with software, hence emulator. So there are lots of different emulators out there, but for our purpose we’re going to focus on the Nintendo 64 emulator called Mupen64 Plus AE. Download Mupen64 Plus AE from the button below and note where it was saved on your computer as you’ll need it later.

Download Nintendo 64 Emulator Here

This leads us to ROMs, which are the games you load into the emulator such as Pokemon black 2 for one example. Like emulators, there are lots of different ROMs with different extensions depending on the emulator it runs on. It can get a little crazy sometimes with matching ROMs and emulators, which is why we’re making it easy on you and hooking you up with a guaranteed working ROM of Donkey Kong 64…your welcome. You can download the Donkey Kong 64 ROM from the button below, make note of where you save it.

Download Donkey Kong 64 ROM Here

In addition to the Nintendo 64 emulator and the Donkey Kong 64 ROM, you’ll of course need an Amazon FireTV or Firestick, you’ll also need the Amazon FireTV game controller or a compatible version of one. You’ll also need a wi-fi connection, and lastly you’ll need an awesome software program called ADBFire which will run on your computer and connect to your FireTV & FireTV stick so you can install the emulator and ROM. Download ADBFire from the buttons below, depending on if you’re on a PC or a Mac.

Download adbFire For Windows Here Download adbFire For Macs Here

Start Hacking Your Amazon FireTV and FireTV Stick

Step 1: Enable Developer Options

From your Firestick or FireTV main menu, scroll to the bottom and select SETTINGS. Scroll over to SYSTEM and select it, now scroll down 4 clicks to DEVELOPER OPTIONS and select that.


Turn ON both ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown.


Step 2: Locating Your Amazon FireTV’s IP Address

Hit your back button (curved arrow) once and scroll up to ABOUT and select it.


Write down your IP address somewhere so you can use it in the next few steps.


Step 3: Connect ADBFire to Your FireTV

Unzip your ADBFire software that you downloaded earlier and install it. It installs like any other typical software, you know how to do it.

Open it up and you should see a screen like the one below (Mac version) click on SETUP DEVICE.


A new window will open and you’re going to enter your IP address where the red arrow is pointing. Once you’ve entered in your IP address, click SAVE.


Now you’re ready to connect to your device. First make sure that ADB is running. Look at the very bottom of the ADBFire and it should say ADB running. If it doesn’t click the START button under the ADB server section. Now click CONNECT. When all is working properly ADB running and Device Connected should show at the bottom. See the red arrows below for a visual reference. If it’s not connecting, make sure you have the correct IP address and also make sure your FireTV is on and connected to a strong wi-fi signal.If all else fails, restart all your devices and start from Step 1.


If you’re screen reads that ADB is running and your Device is connected, you’re ready for the fun stuff. Click on the button below to go to part 2, installing Nintendo 64 and Donkey Kong 64 on your Amazon fireTV.

Next Step-Part 2 Installing Nintendo 64 To FireTV

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3 Discussion to this post

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks to ‘Admin’ for the How-To Article (

    I am new to the Amazon Fire Stick but have seen the Kodi Rom Collection Browser and want to add this feature to my sticks library. Additionally i want to play games on SNES, N64 and Megadrive (Genesis) emulators. What i need help with (step by step) is pushing/sending the emulator file to the stick; /sdcard/ and then navigating around the ‘sticks’ OS system until you reach the /sdcard/ so you select the path for the roms. (I assume you must put the roms/games in the rom folder within the emulator file to begin with before you push the file across??!
    Basically the whole process of downloading the RCB apk and it’s set-up there-on.
    (I’ve already made a mistake when i downloaded the RCB in creating the wrong Rom Path. The first screen i see now is the RCB – Import Games which if i cancel out of that takes me to the Year, Genre, Publisher…page (which is otherwise blank), pushing the setting button (the one with 3 horizontal lines) on the remote drops down the menu from above and pushing it again drops down another menu from which i understand you can edit settings like rom path etc.
    Also install picture art of the games (boxcovers) or if enough room on the stick vid clips (N64).

    Many Thanks in advance if you can help me with this, I know there’s alot of tutorials installing RCB on Kodi (XBMC) but most seem to be on a Windows/Mac PC or the Amazon Fire Box which allows for external flash drives/external hdd making finding/navigating and installing much easier.


  2. Sarah says:

    I have downloaded Donkey Kong 64 (haven’t tried it out yet but, I’m sure it will be fine :/ ) The article mentioned other games. Is it possible to download other games as well? Im interested in older games (atari and basic nintendo games).

    • John says:

      Yes, we are adding Atari 2600 games, SNES, N64 and NES games. Check back in the next couple days for the best ROMS to play on your Firestick with Retro Arch.

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