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Installing Nintendo 64 and Donkey Kong 64 on Firestick and Fire TV—Part 2

How to Install N64 & Donkey Kong 64 on Firestick

Step 4: Install the APK

Assuming your ADB is running and your Device is still connected, click on Install APK. A file browser will open, navigate to your mupen64-plus-ae-2-4-3-en-android.apk file that you downloaded earlier, this is the Nintendo 64 emulator. Select it and you’ll see a progress bar at the bottom of your ADBFire window. Wait until you get confirmation that the APK has been installed.


Step 5: Transfer the Donkey Kong 64 ROM to Your FireTV

Next we’ll need to copy your Donkey Kong 64 ROM to your FireTV Stick. In your ADBFire window on the right side click the drop-down menu that says addon and select sdcard. Then select the PUSH button. A new browser window will open and you’ll need to select the Donkey Kong 64 file you downloaded earlier. Once it’s selected click OK and wait for confirmation that the file was pushed successfully.

firetv-push-sdcard firetv-push-sdcard-file

Step 6: Open Mupen 64 Plus AE (Nintendo 64)

Once you get confirmation that your APK installation is complete and your ROM was pushed successfully, it’s time to launch Nintendo 64 on your Amazon FireTV. Navigate to the bottom, select SETTINGS, then scroll over to the right to APPLICATIONS and select it.


Now scroll down to MANAGE INSTALLED APPLICATIONS and select it.


Scroll down through your applications until you find Mupen64 Plus AE and select it.




The splash screen for Mupen64 Plus AE will open and it will begin an initial update and installation.


Once it’s done, the following screen will be presented to you. Your first objective is to load a ROM because right now there’s nothing for the emulator to play.


Scroll down to GAME and select it.


A new file browser window will open, click the PARENT FOLDER twice until you’re in the /storage directory.


You’ll see the four selections below when you’re on the correct screen.


Scroll down and select sdcard0.


Now scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see Donkey Kong 64, go ahead and select it.


You’ll now see Donkey Kong 64 is loaded in the Game section. Scroll up to Play and select it.


Click Resume


And There you have it. Donkey Kong 64 playing on a Nintendo 64 emulator on your Amazon FireTV and FireTV Stick. You will need a compatible game controller to play any ROM games on the FireTV. There are tons of devices that work with the FireTV Stick. There are even hacks out there to sync a Wiimote with your FireTV Stick.


More game play sample from Donkey Kong 64.



Hitting your menu button on your Amazon FireTV remote will bring up your selections for loading and saving your games. There are also a lot of settings to make sure you get everything setup the way you want it, especially with the game controller.


So that’s it folks. You now have a Nintendo 64 emulator running on your Amazon FireTV and you can play any ROMS that are compatible. Search online for more ROMS, or come back to our site where we’ll be posting daily articles on new emulators and ROMS for the Amazon FireTV.