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2022 New Kodi Git Browser Addons Working


2022 Install Best Working Kodi Add-Ons With GitBrowser

For the best working video add-ons, you need to install GitBrowser. GitBrowser for Kodi is the new way everyone is distributing 3rd-party video add-ons. Central repositories were targets of lawsuits and shutdowns over the past year. As a result, some of the best add-ons for movies, tv, and live streaming no longer work. Follow our steps below for installing Git Browser.

  1. Make sure you are using a VPN for all Kodi and torrent use. IPvanish is one of the best.
  2. Install the latest version of Kodi
  3. Uninstall all old non-working add-ons from Kodi. e.g. Sportsdevil, Phoenix, Indigo, UK Turk Playlists, Exodus
  4. Follow our detailed, step-by-step instructions below to install GitBrowser for Kodi allowing you to install new working versions of the best video add-ons.

Why would I bother getting a VPN?

We get asked all of the time about VPN’s. Some people think it’s a scam, or not really necessary. Others think their internet providers have no idea what they do online. What most people don’t know is that the ISP’s log everything you do online. Also, they keep these logs permanently tied to your accounts and even after you delete your account, or switch providers, your information and internet logs are retained in their data.

So what does that mean and why do I care? Well, for instance, with net-neutrality being ended by the FCC, internet companies can now sell your data to anyone they want. They can even give it away for free, like to the government. Who knows what the laws will be, or even more importantly, the penalties, in 5-10 years. What you do online today can most certainly hurt you tomorrow.

How does a VPN help me?

So then what does a VPN do? VPN’s aren’t just for the “online pirates”. VPN’s are used by the biggest corporations in the world. They are virtual private networks that connect you anonymously and securely without identifying your unique IP address and therefore your identity.

In the cases of using VPN’s for streaming on Kodi or downloading torrents, they prevent your ISP from being able to log what you are doing online and potentially block you from accessing streaming servers, slowing down your internet speeds (throttling) and in some cases being contacted by the FCC with criminal complaints.

You must see all of the benefits and features of an inexpensive VPN from IPVanish.

How to Install Git Browser for the Best Working Kodi Add-ons

Select the Settings icon at the top of the Kodi window

Select File Manager

Double click on Add source

In the new window, type in the source http://fusion.tvaddons.co and then click OK

Enter a name for the media source, in this example we used TVA. Then click OK.

Now go back a few screens to the main Kodi page (if you’re new to Kodi, click in the upper left hand corner to go back to previous screens) Click on the Add-ons section

When Add-ons opens, go to the top and click on the open box icon to install addons

Next, select Install from zip file

Find the source you just added. Our new TVA source is selected and open it

Select kodi-repos

Select english

Scroll down and select repository.xbmchub-3.0.0.zip and click OK

The new Fusion repository will now install to Kodi. When you see the confirmation pop-up go back a few screens to select Install from repository

Scroll down and select TVADDONS.CO Add-on Repository

Select Program add-ons

Now select and install Git Browser this may take a few minutes to install completely

When Git Browser is done installing, go back to the Kodi home screen and select Program add-ons. When that opens, select and open Git Browser

The most reliable way to find video add-ons is to Search GitHub Username. Do a Google search for addons and GitHub usernames. We have a short list below for some of our favorites.

List of the Best Working GitHub GitBrowser Usernames for Kodi Add-ons

Using Git Browser, search by GitHub Username from the following list for the best working GitHub Gitbrowser video-addons

GitHub UsernameRepositoryPopular Addons
kodibaeKodi BaeSportsDevil
jasonbuechlerBlamo Forkadultswim
tdelightUK TurkUK Turk
Nemesis668Stream Armybash the bishop


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