How to Jailbreak a Fire Stick Hack for Free Cable TV With Kodi Addons Firestick


Jailbreak a Firestick Hack and Install Kodi Addons for Free TV Channels

How to Jailbreak a Fire Stick Hack to
Install Kodi Jarvis, Krypton and Leia Fast and Easy
How to Jailbreak a Fire Stick Hack to install Kodi TV Channels Free

Get Free Firestick Cable

We have the easiest guide for how to jailbreak a fire stick hack and quickly install Kodi. You will instantly gain premium access to top rated cable tv channels, Emmy winning shows and blockbuster movies fresh on Blu-Ray and DVD or even some still in the theatre. Follow the instructions proceeding, and you and your family could also be adding to the cable tv statistics in 2020, if you haven’t been already!

That little black Amazon Fire Stick box you’ve got modded and plugged into the back of your TV’s HDMI port is one powerful little media player. Not only does the Fire Stick support 1080p playback, it also has 6GB of internal hard drive space. Not to mention, a dual-core processor and 1 GB of memory. This gives the Firestick cable plenty of power to maintain the video processing speed and avoid buffering issues.

Our simple steps can have your Fire Stick hack modded and ready to stream Kodi Addons TV channels in under 3 minutes. If you want free Firestick cable, free movies, free cable TV, live sports, and blockbuster hits, then the next step you need to take is install a VPN.

Step 1: Install a VPN on a Fire Stick Hack for the Best Kodi Experience

Before you install Kodi on your Firestick and start streaming potentially illegal content, it is highly recommended to sign up for a VPN.

IPVanish is cheap and works amazingly well at hiding your identity online, while also preventing your internet service provider from throttling your download speeds and blocking you from accessing streaming servers.

ISP issues are the number one reason for Kodi errors and buffering issues. Enjoy a better Kodi experience with an IPVanish VPN.

Step 2: NEW 2019-2020 Hack Your Fire Stick or Fire TV Modded and Install Kodi in 3 Easy Steps

It’s gotten much easier to install Kodi to your Firestick and Fire TV without a computer. If you are running the new Amazon OS 5.0 or higher, follow the slideshow below for the easiest way to jailbreak your Firestick and install Kodi Krypton 17 or Kodi Leia 18 – 18.5.

Fire Stick Jailbreak Channels With Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu Add-Ons

Another great option for Kodi Addon users is to integrate Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu streaming services into their hacked Fire Stick. With Kodi media center installed on any iOS or android device, you’ll have fire stick jailbreak channels with access to over 200,000 free cable tv shows and movies. If this seems like too much fuss, however, you can go to satellite internet now and get a cable package installed easily.

Download the Kodi repository by following our section below. Once you’ve added the repo to your file manager, you can connect to the server and access the hundreds of video add ons to provide you with viewing jailbreak channels on your fire stick.

How to Jailbreak a Fire Stick Hack- Instructions for Installing Kodi 17 – 17.4 Krypton on Amazon Fire OS 5

The following are detailed instructions for how to jailbreak a Fire Stick on Amazon OS5 and lower. You can install any current version of Kodi, however this particular section uses Kodi Krypton. These instructions work well for Kodi Jarvis and Leia 2019, as well. So, if you want to know how to break and hack your amazon fire stick follow our simple steps outlined below.

Delete Old Versions of Kodi From Your Jailbreak Firestick

If you have a previous version of Kodi installed on your Firestick or Fire TV, you need to uninstall that version before proceeding. The add-ons are not compatible with this new version of Kodi. If you don’t uninstall your old version of Kodi from your Firestick hack, you’ll get install errors with the new installation.

  1. To remove old versions of Kodi from your Firestick jailbreak, follow this:
  2. Go to the top menu and select Settings > Manage Applications
  3. Scroll down and find Kodi. Select Kodi and then choose the last option that says Uninstall. Uninstall Kodi and all of its cached information and data.

2018 Hack Your Fire stick and Fire TV System Settings – Jarvis

This 2018-2019 guide will give you access to thousands of TV shows and movies including free live TV channels without the need for cable. Not only that, you don’t need to jailbreak or hack your Amazon Firestick in order to install Kodi TV addons. Following this guide will have Kodi installed to your Amazon Fire TV Stick or other android device in less than 3 minutes.

  1. Make sure your fire stick or fire TV is on and connected to the internet. From the menu go to Settings>Device>Developer Options
  2. Turn ON ADB debugging and turn ON Apps from Unknown Sources

Install Downloader App

Click on the Search icon from your Fire TV’s home screen and type in Downloader. Make sure to type the entire name, select it and hit Enter to be able to find it and install. Downloader does not show up in Amazon’s suggested search results. Install and open Downloader.

Install Downloader App For Fire Stick Hack

Download and Install Kodi Jarvis, Krypton or Leia

Clear the first screen and you’ll immediately see a place to type in the URL to download Kodi. Type in and select GO.

How to jailbreak a Firestick hack and install Kodi link

Kodi’s website will open up inside of Downloader, you can use your firestick remote to control the red circle on the screen. Select the Green Android logo and on the next page select the button that says “ARMV7A(32BIT)” Kodi Krypton 17.4 will immediately start downloading.

Break Fire stick hack with Downloader App and
Select Kodi Android and Put Kodi On Fire stick
How to Jailbreak Fire Stick with downloader-kodi-ARMv7A
fire stick Hack-modded-firestick-kodi-downloading-2

When it’s done downloading, click Install at the bottom of your screen. Kodi will take a minute or so to install and when it is finished click OPEN. Kodi will then run it’s initial setup process on your Fire stick hack. This usually takes a minute or two, depending on if there are Kodi updates it needs to install before running.

fire stick hack Kodi-installation-application

Once Kodi is done preparing the first run it will open up and you’ll see a list of categories on the left sidebar. Before you can begin installing cool video add-ons that will provide links to stream cable tv and movies, you need to change your settings in Kodi. Move your cursor to the very top cog-wheel icon with the blue circle around in the image below. This is your Kodi System button. Select the “System” icon and then click on “System Settings” on the next screen.


You’re now in Kodi’s system settings, scroll down and select Addons and then select “Unknown Sources” on the right to allow 3rd-party addons to be installed. Select “Yes”.


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297 Discussion to this post

  1. Terry says:

    This totally worked on my FireStick, does this work on the regular Amazon FireTV as well? How do you download movies to the FireStick TV?

    • admin says:

      Yes this method works similarly on the FireTV. I’ll be posting an article today on how to download media to your FireStick TV’s internal storage. I’ll post a link once it’s been published.

      • Jay says:

        What connection method do you use to connect the FireTV to the computer?

      • django says:

        can you help the download for adbFire is not working thanks

      • taylor says:

        Can I delete kodi off my phone once its on my fire stick? I didnt wanna mess anything up by trying to delete it off my phone is save app space on my phone

      • jennifer says:

        so i was able to install all the programs but once i go to repo is where i have the problem im not sure if it downloads there is no option for get add ons im stuck there. Any help would be appreciated

      • Steven says:

        Have you published the article for FireTV?

    • SirGuido says:

      Has anyone had an issue following these instructions and triggering eFuse and bricking the Fire TV stick? I just recieved mine today and don’t want to have an expensive paperweight.


  2. Gary Papa says:

    I have done this method many many times. With no problems. However I’m trying to load KODI on to a friends fire stick and all of a sudden I cannot get ADB fire to connect to the stick. I have all my steps correct any reason why? Is there something I can do to make it connect? Please help I have no idea why all of a sudden after doing so many time s I just can’t connect anymore. Thanks

    • admin says:

      A couple of things to make sure of.
      1. The ADB software needs to be extracted before you run or it won’t work properly.
      2. Make sure you have the correct IP address and that the Amazon FireTV Stick is on and properly connected.
      In my experience, most people encounter this problem by clicking on the ADB software and running it from the window that opens up. Although it may seem like it’s working, it’s not. You need to first extract the ADb software from it’s package and then run the .exe file. it will connect properly then.

      • Tim says:

        I have a brand new Fire stick that won’t install Kodi… adb connects and goes through the install process…over and over again, but never writes it to the new Fire stick. It worked fine on my other two, so I have to assume that Amazon changed something in the Fire stick???

        • admin says:

          I don’t think Amazon changed anything. I would refresh the wi-fi settings, restart ADB, and reconnect to your Amazon FireTV Stick. I should mention, for some reason, it sometimes takes way longer to install Kodi on a FireTV Stick than other times. I don’t know if it has something to do with the wi-fi connection. My advice would be to do all of those steps, and then let ADB keep running until it says it’s installed. I’ve seen it cycle through the progress bar many times in one install session. Let me know if it works.

          • john says:

            Has gone over at least six times

          • Josh says:

            I’ve sat and let the computer go through cycles of downloading for about an hour now. It just keeps starting over once it finishes installing but it never finishes. Suggestions?

          • Ron says:

            I was having the same problem and then I used a sideloader app from my iphone app store and it installed in less than 5 minutes. The app was $1.99 but well worth it.

          • Amelia says:

            what side load app did you use? having the same problem. it just keeps generating a blue install next to where is says device connected.

          • John says:

            I just DL’d the phone app too and like Ron said, it works like a charm. Took less than a minute!

          • md says:

            ok i downloaded the side loader app but my question is do i have to download kodi to my phone to load it from the side loader app. and if so where would i find kodi to down load through an apple phone?

      • Losky says:

        I am having trouble I put in the IP address and hit save but when I click install APK it tell me no device connected. Should the stick be connected to the TV or the computer to do this? I have tried both ways yet no luck. Please help

        • Eval says:

          Turn off your firewall and antivirus. That should help.

        • Josh says:

          Start over. When you first open up the adbfire download, a window should pop up. It gives you an option of clicking on an adbFire application or selecting a folder labeled “applications.” What you’re gonna want to do is drag the adbFire app onto your desktop. Then click on the app once installed to your desktop. Then proceed with the instructions. This was what worked for my Mac.

      • eric says:

        Are you able to watch all channels once jail broke. Interested in buying one next week.

      • sonja says:

        i am stuck on the 3rd part where to unzip file. I have a laptop and yes my fire stick is connected correctly.
        i have been doing this for 45 minutes and i still cant get the thing to budge ty

    • Thirsty says:

      Hey I’m having this same problem…Did you ever get it to connect

  3. Chris says:

    I am having the same problem as John. I had already unzipped adpfire and even tried Amazon FireTV Utility App. The IP address is correct and I tried to refresh it, restart FireTV Stick and PC. I have installed apps before on the FireTV Stick with no problems. Now that I am looking to sideload more apps there is a problem. Any help would be great.

  4. mike says:

    similar problem , i turned off firewall on my laptop loaded what i needed and then restarted firewall. before i shut off firewall green line would just continue to loop over and over

  5. julie says:

    My computer is saying “device not connected”. I’ve tried both hdmi and usb since the instructions don’t specify. I went into the computer panel and it doesn’t show up under devices on this computer. also u say to be the device is on. how so? there is no light or anything
    please help ! husband is desperate and having withdrawls from his dodger game lol

    • admin says:

      Your Amazon FireTV Stick can only be plugged in to an HDMI on your TV, not your computer. Your FireTV Stick also needs to be connected to the internet and you have to know the IP address. Go through the steps one more time from the beginning. This does work, I’ve done it a million times for other people.

      • KL says:

        Im on a macbook and its stating my device isn’t connected, any tips??

      • ERs1 says:

        Some people are just plain DUMB, they get overly excited….. PEOPLE REMEMBER TO DONATE!!!!!

    • Andrew says:

      I had the same problem. The instructions leave out the fact that you leave the HDMI side plugged to your TV, and simply move the USB from the power adapter to the USB port on your computer. This will keep the device with power (keeping it’s IP address) while allowing the data to be transferred (via USB). I hope this helps!

      • marcela says:

        I am on a mac and have gone through all the steps and it says my device is not connected. I have even put in the USB drive into my computer and when I try to open install it, there is nowhere to open it with. Like what folder?

  6. Max says:


    I’m on a mac. Downloaded and running the adbFire software fine. Now trying to install Kodi. It states that the device is “connected” and the progress bar seems to get to the finish line, but then restarts. Has this been resolved by anyone?

  7. Max says:

    Nevermind – all set! Just took out the FireTV USB and plugged it back in.


  8. Steve says:

    I was having the same looping install problem.. I turned off my firewall like Mike suggested and it was a success!!

  9. Ernesto says:

    Im having the same issue don’t know why it keeps restarting i turned my firewall off and still nothing just keeps resetting when the bar fills up

    • Damian says:

      I’m having the same problem. We’re you Adler to get it to load?

  10. corey says:

    I downloaded and tried to install the ADB software and I keep getting a cannot create log file error that I have to click on 100 times. I’m on a mac and not the best with using this thing as I’m used to windows. Am I doing something wrong? it seems like its unzipped.

    • corey says:

      never mind i got it, now koi install keeps failing but at least I am connected

      • aleks miro says:

        to corey i keep getting the log file error as well. how did you fix that?

  11. Cal says:

    The program that you install is that android? The windows / apple is just referring to the loader?

  12. Jeff says:

    do you bypass the registration or create one to get past the screen after connecting to the network?

  13. Da says:

    Hi When you said connect to computer it’s over wifi or direct to your computer via USB, I can not connect via wifi, if that’s what you mean.


  14. dar says:

    Turning off firewall will let you connect to the amazon fire tv, now the Kodi file will not install, failed that it’s new message I got, any one can upload a good file

  15. Kenneth says:

    I’m on a pc and it’s asking what program should I use to open the adb file!?

    • admin says:

      Did you download the PC version? Make sure you didn’t download the mac version.

  16. ELJ says:

    I’m running Kodi on my Fire Stick, everything is working fine. But my question is: Is there ANY way to play the Fire Stick on my laptop through my hdmi port? I’ve researched several sites and even called Amazon to see if there’s a way to play it on my laptop and they said it’s not possible (yet). But I know there has to be an app/hack/driver to allow this to happen. Please help. Thanks

    • Dugo says:

      The HDMI on your computer is output not input, would be like trying to play your cable box on your bluray.

    • KevinC says:

      Sounds like you just want to play Kodi content on your laptop? Then forget the Fire Stick for now, simply install Kodi on your laptop!

  17. dar says:

    Just working fine, thank you for all info

  18. Steve says:

    Do I need Amazon prime to do this ?

    • admin says:

      No, you don’t need Amazon Prime to do this.

      • Larry says:

        Do you NEED to setup an amazon account at all? I will be doing 2 for my friends that do not have an account, is it possible to use firestick without an account?

        • admin says:

          Just use your Amazon account to install Kodi, and then before you give it to them, go to your Settings in the FireTV Stick and click Deregister account. Then they have to use their account when they use their FireTV Stick.

  19. francisco says:

    why does my green bar keep refilling ? any help

    • admin says:

      Check your firewall, make sure it’s off. Restart everything and try again. Sometimes it can take a little while and the progress bar will rotate through a few times.

    • Michael says:

      Did turning off your firewall help?

  20. mykal says:

    HELP! When I click install APX and them try to install Kodi in get installed failed

    • Jon says:

      I am having a similar issue, but for me the application is grayed out like it is unavailable. Did you solve this?

      • Brian Fig says:

        I’m getting the EXACT same thing. I’ve done EVERYTHING correctly, it’s really not hard. But everything under “apps”, “downloads”, etc is grayed and when I click it, nothing happens.

  21. Cheryl says:

    adbFire executable file won’t open

  22. sheek says:

    Ok so what add-ons do i have to install go be able to watch live tv, pay per view events and so on

  23. Anon says:

    Wouldn’t you need to only use this device thru your computer with a VPN? For the simple fact of the legality and ISPs sending, cease and desist notices and hitting you with fines or even lawsuits?

    • scott says:

      no…there’s nothing illegal about Kodi itself or putting it on your fire stick, much like torrenting…it’s not illegal to download all torrents, all depends on what one chooses to do with it. Kodi is an app just like any other app in the playstore, only it allows for 3rd party addon’s. as far as cease and desist letters from your ISP, that happens in torrenting because when DL’ng a movie/music torrent, your ip is exposed….if the copyright owner of it is monitoring it, they send a notification letter to your ISP who then sends you the notification. ISP’s don’t care what you do as long as youre a paying customer, so they don’t send them on their own if youre not doing anything against them. with this, your ip isn’t exposed like it is in torrenting….so technically, this is a safer bet

    • Shannon says:

      I got a cease and desist letter via email from my ISP. I was told that you need to program these with proxies or a vpn to block you IP address.

  24. Marisa says:

    Ok just bought a firestick and every time I go to download the adbfire.exe and run it, it asks me if I want to update to version 1.25. I click “no” and it says my device is not running and is not connected. How do I fix this? Please help thank u.

  25. robert says:

    I can not find the exe. file to open

  26. eric says:

    Is there a particular fire stick I have to purchase.

    • scott says:

      for windows users who can’t connect try to ping the fire stick….
      >search “cmd” without the parenthesis and open it
      >type “ping” e.g: ping
      >look for “ping statistics”, if it says Sent = 4, received = 4, then the stick is able to be found

      load adbfire without your fire stick connected by usb. once loaded, go to “setup device” and put in your sticks ip and save it if it’s not already filled in, then click “connect”. give it some time, it’s much like connecting any other device via wifi, can take a bit to connect

      • NateSang says:

        How do you load adbfire using usb on laptop or pc? Thanks.

    • scott says:

      no….this isn’t a hack that requires certain versions of firmware, any stick will do

      • scott says:

        ….disregard, wrong reply

      • Nette says:

        Okay I was able to ping my firestick using the command prompt and all 4 packages were sent and received but adb is saying device is not connected and when i enter the information thru device set up the info i enter shows under current device but nothing shows under Connected devices

    • scott says:

      no….this isn’t a hack that requires certain versions of firmware, any stick will do

  27. Pj says:

    Hi guys, just got a Fire stick, do I have to register the device with a google account? Or can I use it without registering?
    Is there any way to side load Hulu+, NBC Sports extra? HBO? Premierleaguepass apps from New Zealand? In the uk? I have a smart dns! Thx

  28. Jason says:

    Last year Amazon had a firmware update that bricked all the hacked fire sticks, is this hack immune to that or are just at the mercy of Amazons next update? Thanks for any replies

    • admin says:

      Technically this is not a hack, this method sideloads Kodi without affecting the Amazon fireTv software. You can update normally, it will not brick your device or affect your Kodi installation.

  29. Daniel says:

    Cant create log in file ???

  30. Shaun says:

    I’m hoping someone can help me to get SportsDevil on my Amazon Fire TV. I was able to install Kodi and adbFire just fine which was the first time trying this. I just can’t find information on using adbFire and downloading SportsDevil or if there are other files that would be great to add. I used Superreto. Any help would be great since this is the first time i’ve ever did this before.

    Thank you

  31. Shabazz says:

    DoDo yohave something yiuyhave this For Roku Player’s or Sticks?

  32. Andrew says:

    I cant Connect

    I’ve checked I have connectivity to my device (ping which is successful.

    still cant connect, I’ve disabled both my routers firewall and my PC’s firewall, Still no joy!!

    Any Ideas?

    • Andrew says:

      here is the logs i get from adbfire

      adbFire v1.26
      “./adb.exe” kill-server
      server stopped
      server started
      “./adb.exe” start-server
      * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *

      * daemon started successfully *

      starting server
      initial open
      “./adb.exe” kill-server
      server stopped
      server started
      “./adb.exe” start-server
      * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *

      * daemon started successfully *

      connection attempt
      “./adb.exe” connect
      unable to connect to :5555

      process time duration: 4 seconds
      opening preferences dialog
      “./adb.exe” kill-server
      server stopped
      server started
      “./adb.exe” start-server
      * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *

      * daemon started successfully *

      connection attempt
      “./adb.exe” connect
      unable to connect to :5555

      process time duration: 4 seconds
      opening video help
      opening adblog dialog

      • sue says:

        Hi Andrew – I’m same as you – just won’t connect. Please let me know if you resolve this boo hoo

        • Sue says:

          scratch that – just connected !!! No idea why – didn’t do anything different. Frustrating but relieved

  33. No1B4Me says:

    Pretty cool, Amazon is allowing this to go on for now to sell hardware. They’ll shut it down once they’ve sold millions of devices. Just like directv did. Thanks!

    • Tom says:

      They can’t shut it down all they can do is update the software, you just have to remember not to update.

  34. pb says:

    I am not dumb, but i need some help. I am on a mac. Its asking me what file i want to use to open kodi? What do I choose? I chose the mac download.

    • Lloyd says:

      Did you get it up and running.. Mine still running green bar… I’ve closed all apps, restarted, still not loading kodi..

  35. Lloyd says:

    Having issue getting adbfire to download on laptop. keep getting download and unsafe error. Please help!

  36. Lloyd says:

    Green bar has been cycling through for past half hr… Need help

  37. Lloyd says:

    I’m up and running, thanks everyone for you prior comments.

  38. jayson says:

    Saw an article where amazon is banning xmbc, is this true?

    • Kevin Le Vu says:

      I saw that article. If i plan on buying an additional fire stick, will it be possible to install kodi on it?

    • admin says:

      Amazon banned Kodi and XBMC from their own app store. It wasn’t a true version of Kodi anyway as it would not have a File Manager to add the plugins and add-ons needed to stream. This method bypasses the Amazon App Store. There is no way for them to remove it from your device.

  39. Noah Aguilar says:

    hey i put everything in and i tried to install the APK but it wouldent let me

  40. Nat says:

    I’m having difficulties connecting my device. It won’t connect even though I have it plugged into the hdmi port. I’ve done all the possible steps above! No luck!

    • admin says:

      The HDMI port has nothing to do with connecting to your device. You need to connect your Amazon fireTV Stick to your internet to obtain an IP Address. Once you have the IP address, you can input that into adbFire to connect your device.

      • Rose says:

        I’ve done that and it says device not connected. So I tried going through the use to the computer and I spent hours trying to get it to connect ro the fire stick. So as long as it’s connected to the Internet my laptop should detect it? Could the problem just be my laptop?

  41. Brenda says:

    Got super repo installed. Got all the way to where I see the different folders, but according to the screen shot directions, I don’t see the oproom for all and then unzip. Please help or I’ll have to hear from husband I told you, you couldn’t do it

  42. mobe says:

    I go to see daily some blogs and blogs to read articles, but this weblog provides quality based articles.

  43. Sam says:

    Hi, I downloaded the files as mentioned in the article but when I get to the section to “install APK” I realized that there are no .APK files in the kodi-14.1-Helix-armeabi-v7a folder that I unzipped from What am I missing, I feel like I’m just missing one important step. Please help.

    • Nwa042` says:

      Don’t unzip the Kodi Helix file… it has an APK extension. Just select it after the window from “Install APK” opens… Viola

    • JIm says:

      I have the same problem –there is no Kodi file at all to select when I get to the “install APK” part

  44. walt says:

    Does this work for amazon fire tv box?

  45. Justin says:

    Wow! Just incredible how many stupid people out there who 1) REFUSE to follow the instructions, which – along with some additional aid ALREADY provided in these comments – is MORE than enough perfect advice for any reasonably intelligent human to get this going. Instead so many people just beg to have their hands held. And 2) expect all this EXTRA “above and beyond” help for free!

    I REALLY hope you guys that are begging for this extra help are each donating at LEAST a months worth of cable bills savings (ie a MINIMUM of $50) here.
    The writer is clearly taking an incredible amount of time to REPEATEDLY answer your same questions over and over again because you don’t want to read. I’d bet if you send him an email showing your $50 donation he’d be happy to help you even more. Everything can’t be “take take take,” and “me me mine mine free free.” Show some gratitude please.

    • admin says:

      LMAO…It’s quite alright Justin. I appreciate everyone’s comments and don’t mind helping. Thanks everyone!!!

  46. shelly says:

    hello, can anyone give me a little troubleshooting advice please? I have followed the instructions and installed kodi no probs.
    My issue is that I cannot access any apps on the main fire home page now? anything I click on says “The app you are looking for could not be found”
    Tv programs and movies stream fine…I cant get to the bottom of it so any help would be appreciated!!

    • admin says:

      Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications Select Kodi, and then select Force Stop. Now go back to your Amazon Home Screen and everything should work now.

  47. holly says:

    I have a fire stick with kodi loaded on it. The fire stick is trying to update, should I let it update or no?

  48. rufas says:

    Do you still need the Amazon firestick if you have a smart tv connected to the internet?

  49. jessica says:

    does kodi need to be extracted as well?

  50. jessica says:

    ok so now that i have installed superrepo and enabled icefilm, how do i start streaming? were do i go after its installed? i went back to the home screen of the fire stick and did not see icefilms on there and i also went back into kodi and didnt see anything there either

    • admin says:

      Go to your Kodi home screen, then go to Videos>Add-Ons>Icefilms Once you’re inside Icefilms you can search or browse for movies and tv shows

  51. steve says:

    Hi I have turned of my fire wall and restarted everything as advised how long do I have to wait for the green bar to keep looping round

  52. martin says:

    Ok sorry for the dumb question. But the zip Kofi file doesn’t show up when I try to install apk. Please assist

  53. Kathryn says:

    Okay, I have followed all the direction read over all the comments and I donated what I could and I am still having trouble. When I pull up the adbFire file at the bottom it says ADB not running, how do I get it to run? If I try to install kodi the way it is, it says “install failed”. Thanks for taking the time to do all of this hard work. I’m using a pc.

    • Kathryn says:

      Still can not get the ADB to run an I have clicked the ADB server start button. Please help?

    • Sal says:

      Try another pc or laptop had the same problem once I tried it wd another laptop it worked just fine

  54. John says:

    are you supposed to unzip kodi file? I did but after I pressed install adk, the window came up, went to the kodi file but it wouldn’t let me insert it?

  55. jay says:

    I’ve read all the comments and can’t find a answer to my issue. i connect my fire stick to the wifi and when i open adbfire on my macbook and i can’t get it to connect after i enter the correct ip address… can anybody help me out ??

  56. ashley says:

    so i followed all the direction for the mac, but when i go to install APK, i see my kobe app, but its greyed out. How do i get it to ungrey while in applications? i even moved to file to my desktop

    • dav says:

      having the same problem

    • Jessica says:

      I had the same problem on my mac. I downloaded and deleted kodi several times before realizing I needed to use the kodi that was for android. Once I downloaded the android kodi on my mac it worked perfectly!

  57. Derek says:

    i am at the part where i click install apk, when i click it it says device not connected. what do i do?

  58. Rob says:

    I am feeling very stupid.
    when i click the link to download the ADB Fire for Windows a separate window opens and i receive the error ‘File not found’. I was able to download the Kodi Helix file with no issues but the Windows file does not appear to be where it should.

    • admin says:

      Our dropbox account containing our adbFire downloads was terminated for excessive traffic. The links in the article were replaced to new sources. Our tests show that it is working, however if anyone has issues please let us know in the comments below and we work on an alternative.

  59. Tom says:

    So if I buy the stick and hack it I will have access to all the tv shows and movies? Or do I need to also have Amazon prime?

    • admin says:

      No you don’t need an Amazon Prime account. However, this does not give you free movies and tv from Amazon. This installs 3rd party software that connects to media servers over the internet. This does not hack Amazon’s media.

      • Tom says:

        Thanks! actually I decided to go with the fire TV instead. I read your other article. Once I install kodi and Xbmc on it I should be able to download add ons for free movies and shows and music, correct? Without Amazon prime? My second question is, once incompletely hack the fire TV box in my house and download the add ons, can I then take the fire TV box to any house and plug and play?

        Thanks for your response

  60. This says:

    Tried the adbFire download, it’s not working.

  61. Kenny says:

    The link for AdFibre for Windows isn’t working can somebody see if they can fix the link or make another one please? Thank you!

  62. Belinda says:

    The kodi install has been looping for nearly 2 hours. I am running Windows 8 on my desktop. I added Kodi to the list of Allowed Apps with only Private checked. I did not restart the install process after doing this. Is this all I need to do regarding the firewall? Do I need to restart the install? Thanks for any help. This site has been the most useful so far.

    • admin says:

      2 hours is way too long. I would start over. Make sure you’re not streaming anything on any other device in the house while you’re installing the Kodi APK.

      • Belinda says:

        Thank you, I think it may have been related to the firewall. I had allowed the Kodi app but turning off the Norton firewall may have helped. I do think you need to wait a while for the Kodi app to show up, though. As someone previously posted, it was like the app just appeared, when I thought I was still having trouble.

  63. Me Again! says:

    Right….. Have installed Kodi and connected to the stick without a problem. However, when I launch Kodi from the stick I get a blue circle background and there are no categories listed and nothing that I can watch.

    Can’t anybody assist please?

    P.S the guide above is very helpful, thank you for explaining it to technophobes like me!

  64. Bobby Boy says:

    Hi, followed all instructions, Kodi working fine, installed superRepo fine, enabled Icefilms but there doesn’t seem to be any movies on there at all? am I doing something wrong?

    • admin says:

      I just checked, IceFilms is working properly. Try restarting your Amazon FireTV stick and then reopen IceFilms. Go to Movies>Popular to see if it works.

      • danny says:

        Hi, when I try to extract it gets to right near the end and just stops. cant seem to get past llamas_areas.txt and llamas_ignoredcells.txt. Please Help!

        • admin says:

          What are you trying to extract? Please be a little more specific.

        • Cindy Beffrey says:

          I figured out how to get the addons and I am in Icefilms but when I click on a movie or tv show to watch nothing happens. I am so lost

  65. Ferris says:

    If a friend gives me his fire stick to download Kodi on will it work at his house when I give it back since I used my IP address?

    • admin says:

      Yes it will work anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The initial IP address is only used by adbFire to connect to your FireTV Stick to install Kodi. After that you’re all good. You can use it everywhere. Cheers!

  66. snyder says:

    I am having trouble done it a couple of ways and still nothing. Can you help me?

  67. Eli says:

    Hi so i am having the same problem where the kodi install keeps cycling through and never succeeding. I have read through everything on this page and made sure i am doing everything correctly but it still wont load. ive tried like 20 times now. Ive restarted, taken off firewall, connected via usb, everything. And it still wont work. Any advice? Thanks! I really appreciate it and plan on making a nice donation.

  68. Jon says:

    Hey there.
    I was able to download and set up, per the directions, the ADBFire. Now the issue I am having is that when I go to select Kodi, (on the install APK button) it is grayed out in my applications folder and I am unable to proceed. I saw someone else had the same issue, but there was no response. I am using a Mac OSX if that is any help. Thanks in advance for the help and directions.

    • Jon says:

      Never mind. Found out I downloaded the OSX form and not the android form for Fire Stick.

  69. nigel says:

    hi everyone download kodi on my fire stick with no problem,but when I launched it tv addons was installed but when I tried to open navi x or phoinex they wont open,i gave the stick to a mate of mine,he tried it at his house and it worked with no problem where am I going wrong

    • admin says:

      It may be your ISP provider blocking this incoming connections, or possibly your router.

      • nigel says:

        thanks admin I have 2 android boxes connected with no problems wot can I do to stop the blocking or the router thanks

  70. Justin says:

    I am unable to connect to my fire stick with ADBfire. I tried pinging it via CMD prompt and nothing. I have a FireTV as well, and I can connect to it with no problem. Any ideas of what’s going on? I have sideloaded about 6 or 7 sticks with Kodi and never had this issue.

    • admin says:

      A couple things to try. First restart everything including your computer and router. If that doesn’t work, try using a different “Description #” when you Setup Device.

      • Justin says:

        Thanks…it finally connected on its own. Next time I’m just going to set up 10 sticks so I don’t have to deal with this crap on a case by case basis. LOL

  71. Dav says:

    trying to download kodi from link but no go.

    The requested URL /releases/android/arm/kodi-14.1-Helix-armeabi-v7a.apk was not found on this server.

  72. Andrew says:

    While this is a good step by step guide issues with ADB Fire makes it often a hit or miss affair. I found it much easier to download the KODI Android App to my mobile then download the Fire Installer app to my phone and use that to ransfer the KODI APP to my Fire TV . This worked first time and I repeated it about four times and it worked each and every time not problem . Much easier and in fact just a s quick . Once installed on the Fire TV you can even uninstall the KODI App on your phone if you do not want to use it.

    • Nette says:

      How do you transfer the app from your mobile phone to the Firestick?

    • Ed Johnson says:

      Where did you download the KODI aNDROId app from? What site, version, and was it free?

      Same question for FIRE installer app.


  73. zak says:

    Hi I have just bought brand new amazon fire stick. I tried to connect it to the tv and wifi. after setup the wifi on very next step it says login or register with the account. how do I avoid this stage?

    • admin says:

      You can’t avoid that part. You need to register with Amazon. It’s ok, it doesn’t effect your Kodi installation.

  74. Stephanie says:

    Everything has worked so far until I install APK and everything is grayed out not letting me select any files? I am using a mac

    • admin says:

      What exactly is greyed out?

      • James says:

        Same thing is happening to me.. when you click instal APK I can’t click on Anything everything is greyed out..

      • david says:

        Same problem here.

    • Allen says:

      i think you’re supposed to download the ANDROID APK install file (instead of the mac one). I’m not sure if both the ARM and x86 files work but those are the APK files you’re looking for. I’m also using a mac and had the same confusing problem.

  75. jazy says:

    Hi All,
    I wonder if some one can help me. I’m Trying to install kodi with adb it keeps restarting i turned my firewall off and still nothing just keeps resetting when the bar fills up

  76. spawn72 says:

    Just installed Kodi on my FireTVstick….

    works great…….

    Tried installing from my Macbook but didn’t work..
    gave up..

    Installed from my PC laptop windows….
    took about 5 minutes to transfer from computer to amazon stick

  77. Jason says:

    Hi Installed Kodi on firestick hooked up to my TV and it starts and launches. However, when i get to launch screen it’s just grey with no apps or nothing. Please help

  78. Jesse Wayne says:

    When I click “Install APK” it only lets me find “APK” files, yet kodi just comes up as kodi-15.0-Isengard.exe.
    Should I download 14.1 instead of 15?

  79. Jesse Wayne says:

    Also, when I type in kodi, and click on the program, then click yes, to install, it just says “install failed”

  80. Skylar D. says:

    Ive installed the apk, stick works fine, but when i take it to my gfs house it won’t connect to her network. it connects, authenticates, then disconnects it. HELP!!

  81. jc says:

    hi, the link to download KODI is broken. can i download it here? ( that is, does this link have the same file? thanks!

  82. James says:


    Thanks for your post, it really helps to set it up correctly, but I have two questions :

    1.- Can I use multiple sticks with the same account?

    2.- I did a test by deregistering the amazon account from my fire stick, but Kodi dissapeared from the installed apps, can that be avoided?

    Thanks if any can help.


  83. Ruben says:

    I have a new fire stick to I register it with my amazon account or make a fake one?

  84. Russ says:


    I downloaded and unzipped adbFire

    I ran adbFire, set up device, entered and saved the IP address

    Go to install APK, and navigate to my Kobi file

    However, clicking on Kobi icon just opens up the file and shows the files within it. It does not show any APK file so will not let me go any further.
    I have unzipped the file and tried again, with the same results

    Can anyone offer any advice?

  85. Jesse says:

    I’ve installed Kodi on my mac and on my fire stick using my mac, but i tried to launch the app on my fire stick and it says “This kodi package is not compatible with your device (arm vs. x86). Please check the kodi android wiki for more information.” i thought i downloaded the correct one, but maybe not? could someone list the exact person and stuff i need to download… and I’m not the most tech savvy, so please explain as if you were speaking to a 5 year old or 80 year old. lol thanks!

    • Phil says:

      Which APK are you downloading from You need to choose the Android ARM since its going on the Fire TV. Not the Mac version… the 4th option is what you need.

  86. Phil says:

    I am having a problem getting the audio to play out from Kodi with my Amazon Fire TV. Everything works fine with the regular amazon apps. I have been up and down on Kodi’s settings and cant get anything to work. The volume DB is at 0, the audio output is saying its getting the volume from ‘android’ i’m sure my problem is there and i need to change it to my tv speakers, but its greyed out. I even went an bought an optical cable to try and resolve it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since i am all out of ideas.

  87. john says:

    I can only get wired Ethernet internet. Does kodi work on a amazon fire box as its got an Ethernet slot.

  88. marcopolo says:

    if anyone is having trouble I ended up having to use ADB Fire 1.29, instead of 1.28 and it works perfectly. here is link:

  89. Gio says:

    It keeps telling me “Device not connected” when I click on install APK. I ran a ping test on the Fire Stick and it is pinging fine. The Fire Stick is connected to my computer through USB and I also have it connected to the back of my TV via HDMI. My firewalls are also turned off and I double checked the IP address. What else can I do?

  90. James says:

    i have three brand new sticks my friends want me to jail brake . Can I jail brake them with my IP address for are three sticks ? And will they work in different locations in my same town and the same time ? Or do I have to put different IP address son each stick ? Thanks .

    • Jesse says:

      Did you ever get an answer to this question?
      I have the same question. Will a jail broken Fire Stick work on ANY tv using my own IP address outside of my WIFI network?

  91. barb says:

    I followed all the steps properly but my fire stick will not connect and it says adb stopped at the bottom. can u tell me y?

  92. SirGuido says:

    Has anyone had an issue with triggering eFuse while Jail breaking their FireStick? I am seeing posts about Amazon Fire TV having eFuse…but wondering if the the stick also had it. I just got mine today and plan on following these instructions.

    Thanks in advance.

  93. Sean says:

    I got kodi installed, now how to I get the cable channels to appear?

  94. django147 says:

    ok so all installed but not working im sure my internet provider has blocked most channels i is there any way around this IE cyberghost5 if so how do i install it to my fire stick thanks in advance

  95. SamtheScam says:

    Can this be done for a fire tv stick only? or can it be done for a roku stick as well?

  96. carl says:

    following the guide. click install apk and it says “device cannot be connected”

  97. Pat says:

    This is probably going to be a dumb question, but here it goes…lol…I have the Amazon Fire TV Stick hooked up to my Vizio HDTV. It’s hooked up to the HDM1 3 slot, but am i supposed to have a Kodi box or something to make this work? I’ve downloaded the adbFire, but when I click on the “Install APK” button, I keep getting “Device not connected” pop up. I have my Fire stick on, and have made sure I’ve put in the right IP address. Can anyone help me, please?

  98. tony says:

    I will donate $50 i promise but i’m having same problem, Install APK button, I keep getting “Device not connected” pop up. I have my Fire stick on, and have made sure I’ve put in the right IP address. Can anyone help me, please?

    • alex says:

      had the same problem make sure you have the abfire in with all the other stuff it comes with or will not connect – got a problem too my bar keeps refilling anyone solved this?

      • admin says:

        The Kodi APK is a large file, so depending on your wi-Fi upload speed it can take awhile to install Kodi. Your bar will keep refilling until it installs.

  99. Fernando says:

    if we have installed XBMC in my fire TV box and we want to install Kodi, what will happens

    • admin says:

      Good question. I haven’t tried this, but my guess is it will install Kodi separately and leave XBMC untouched.

  100. admin says:

    Guys, I’m in the process of doing a brand new article with videos of the process. This should help everyone having any issues.

    • Fernando says:

      can you send the link of you web to have access to read the new articles

    • AJ says:

      When is it expected to be out? thanks (Please expand on step 3. How is the stick connected to the computer. Do you put the stick into the computer or attach a computer to the TV that has the stick in it? Thanks

    • jc says:


  101. Nancy King says:

    Unable to install the kodi. Not sure which file to actually run since there isn’t one with an exe extentsion. HELP. And would like to receive the link to the instructional video you referred to above.

    Thanks ……… Look forward to your reply.

  102. Michael says:

    I’ve followed the directions to the tee but when installing Kodi I’m noticing it’s taking a very long time and 2 I get a pop up at the end saying install failed.

  103. AJ says:

    New to all this. Did step 1 and 2. Not sure how to do step 3. “Now that we have everything setup and in place, it’s time to connect your Fire TV Stick to your computer.” My TV is in the living room where I want the Stick to work. I’m on computer in bedroom. Do I need to connect a computer to the TV? Or Put the Fire Stick into the computer in the bedroom? Thanks!

    • aj says:

      got pass it but now saying Device not found (adbFire) when I try to :select the button INSTALL APK” Any thoughts?

  104. Richard says:

    Can’t create logfile this keep popping up on my Mac cam someone help me get pass this problem please

    • admin says:

      Updated the software files and instructions, everything works now

      • Jade says:

        H I so I just got the Amazon Firestick for my tv and it loads and everything is fine with it, but when i am going to select a movie and it gives me a million different options on which one to choose and i have tested mostly all of the options the resolution is terrible. Is there anyway to fix this problem because when i click HD for a movie i would very much so like to have a movie that is HD. When i click the movie it looks and sounds like it was recorded inside of a movie theater on a persons cellphone. Is there any possible way to just have HD and nothing else..

        • admin says:

          Hi, unfortunately that’s the price we pay for watching free movies. Sometimes we have to weed through a lot of bad copies. IceFilms has true HD movies and so does Exodus. There are probably more Add-ons that do a better a job with HD, but I’m not aware first hand.

  105. jonathan says:

    Im the same issue as Richard ^^…. “Can’t create log file” any further guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Everything has been fixed and updated in the article now. Software updates made certain procedures not work. It’s all good now!

  106. Nette says:

    I have a older laptop that doesnt have a HDMI outlet only VGA and USB can i use a converter to Install the software onto the firestick or does the computer have to be directly connected to the firestick ?

    • admin says:

      No, your FireTV Stick doesn’t physically connect to your computer. You connect via the IP address with adbFire software. You won’t have any problems.

      • nette says:

        Thank you i read that in another persons reply lol … Now that i have downloaded adb and the kodi from the link provided when i enter the IP address in the designated field and press save adb doesnt detect the firestick just says in the corner ADB running any advice ?

        • nette says:

          Thank you i read that in another persons reply lol … Now that i have downloaded adb and the kodi from the link provided when i enter the IP address in the designated field and press save adb doesnt detect the firestick just says in the corner ADB running any advice ?

          – And also the IP address doesnt show up under connected devices

          • admin says:

            On the home screen of adbFire, in the top left corner, look where it says “Current Device” under that is a drop down menu. Make sure the description name of the one you added is shown there. Select it, and then click the “Connect” button. Hopefully that helps.

  107. James says:

    I had no idea what I was doing since I was trying this device for the first time. These instructions work perfectly! If you run into any issues, simply scroll through the comments section for troubleshooting advice. Good Luck! Thanks!

  108. Nette says:

    When i select me device then connect it does nothing

  109. Philip says:

    I am following every step correct, and it keeps saying “can’t creat logfile”. Can you please let me know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Yes, this will fix the “can’t create log file”. When you open the adbFire .dmg file, make sure to drag the adbFire icon into the Applications shortcut folder that is right next to it. Once adbFire has copied over to your Applications folder, open the Applications folder and open adbFire from there.

  110. Jesse says:

    After jail breaking my fire stick using my own IP address, will it work on any TV outside of my WIFI network? Or will it only work on my TV?

  111. Joe says:

    I have successfully installed Kodi as well as SuperRepo but when I search thru Iceman all of the movies chosen are blank. Is Iceman still up? If not is there a replacement add-on? Thanks for your help!

    • admin says:

      Try rebooting your FireTV and check IceFilms again. I just used it last night. Another great Add-On is 1Channel. That’s in SuperRepo as well.

  112. matthias says:

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something that helped me.

  113. Oneda says:

    Hi – Is there a way to create a short cut on the amzon home screen rather than having to go to settings each time to start Kodi?


  114. Jeff D says:

    I think I have a new 1 for you sir!
    I have kodi up and running well, my problem is with Llama. I let adbfire load llama and asked that it also use the sacrificial ikono tv app to launch kodi. Well I was shocked to see the kodi app in recents right where I wanted it! I click it and it goes to ikono tv!!!LOL So the adbfire must of reversed my request for the sacrificial app maybe? I’m not sure wth to do now.I asked adb to remove llama and the ikono app and tried again with the same end result. Any ideas?
    Thanks so very much for all your work here! I don’t know where you find the patience for all the redundancy on here, you’re a good man sir. Thanks again

  115. Cindy Beffrey says:

    Hi I was able to successfully install Kodi as well as SuperRepo but I don’t get the same screen where it says to get add ons. I don’t have that option for some reason

    • admin says:

      Follow this video example I did, it’ll show you how to do it

      • Cindy says:

        Thank you, I did everything in the videos now and all of the add ons seem to be working except Icefilms for some reason and that is the one I wanted the most, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but I can’t get it to work, any ideas? I wonder if I missed something.

        • Chad Williams says:


          Same here, but I think only tried 1channel and ice films.

          1 channel works fine (watching walking dead now).

          I can see tons of content listed in ice films, but when I try to play anything, nothing works.

          Any ideas?

          • Cindy says:

            Yes I can watch movies on 1channel and others too but just not icefilms, I wonder why?

          • Jason says:

            I can’t see anything listed in ice films.. any ideas what i can do?

  116. Jonny says:

    Can anyone help pls?
    I’m at the point of install apk, what I go into my Mac to select the kodi file it greyed out and I cannot select it to download?
    Any suggestions?


  117. Dan says:

    Im trying to download adbfire to the mac (new to mac’s) I moved the icon into applications and tried opening but it is coming up “The application adbfire quit unexpectedly.” and asks to ignore or relaunch not letting me go any further.

  118. Jim says:

    So I went through the entire process and it filled the bar 4 times and said install fail. How to fix?

  119. Kim says:

    Does this procedure only work on Apple TV’s? I was curious because the name of this website is hackmyappletv dot com. I’m ordering the Amazon Fire TV Stick this week and wanted to be sure. I have a Samsung Model UN60F8000BFXZA. Also I was curious about sound system; does this play in what ever sound system your using? I using a Yamaha RX-A3040 Receiver and Bose Speakers.

    Thank you for your helpful website and I look forward to hearing back.

  120. Steven says:

    Hi- Need help, I got the kodi on the fire tv stick but when i go to (install from zip) it Can’t do it ! WHY ?

  121. Tyler says:

    Sorry guys but can I plug this into my receiver and then have my hdmi out to the tv? I just ask because my speakers are already hooked up, etc.

  122. Jason says:

    I can’t see anything listed in ice films.. any ideas what i can do?

  123. jessica says:

    did the entire process hundreds of times but icefilm is blank when i click the movie i want it shows no link

    • admin says:

      IceFilms is down right now. Go to your SeperRepo repository and install the 1 Channel add-on. It has everything IceFilms had and more. Also Genesis, Mashup and Phoenix are great alternatives. all of them are in SuperRepo for you to install.

  124. dd says:

    How to sideload Kodi and other apps on the Fire TV Stick (or Fire TV)
    You won’t be able to install the Google Play Store or other apps that rely on the Google Services Framework unless you root your device, and even then there’s no guarantee everything will work perfectly.
    Loading Kodi.
    1. Navigate to the Settings screen.
    2. Scroll over to the System option and then scroll down until you see “Developer Options” and hit the select button.
    3. Now flip the toggles to turn on ADB debugging and Apps from Unkown Sources.
    4. Hit the back arrow on your remote to return to the System settings.
    5. Scroll up until you find “About,” hit select, and then scroll down to “Network” and make note of the IP address. You cannot connect a Fire TV Stick to a PC with a USB cable(PC won’t see stick), so have to connect over WiFi, and that’s where that IP address is needed.
    Note: can follow the steps discussed above to connect to computer or set up Fire stick on TV and install one of the included apps in Firestick that is a file manager. Once a file manager is installed then download from google play store the app “Apps2Fire “ onto your phone ,insert the IP address you noted for the stick ,then download onto phone the kodi app and whatever repositories or programs you are interested in . Then upload same to the firestick through the Apps2Fire . Navigate to SD card(that’s what the internal memory on firestick is called) to downloads to ensure they are there and start install of Kodi (>settings>applications>Manage All Installed Applications>Scroll down until you find the app you want to launch. Select it, and choose the option for “Launch application. Once that’s done you will have to navigate to Kodi and set it up within by installing your repositories and programs from the zip files etc. Kodi forum has guides on how to these installs. The above method worked for me as the Apps2Fire worked on my phone (it may not work for all ). I spend a lot of time using methods above to try to add Kodi to stick via windows computer and found it frustrating and it worked only once (otherwise the computer registered no connection to stick so couldn’t add Kodi program). Also TVMC(advantage of preloaded programs) did not install correctly on Firestick so had to use Kodi.

  125. Jeff says:

    I installed just as you described and it worked great. However, last no for no apparent reason the fire stick went into a reboot loop and is stuck continually rebooting. Any suggestions?

  126. brie says:

    stuck on how to install the APK need help

  127. Tran Tien Huy says:

    Hi all
    Can we use adb to install other .apk such as web browser like google chrome and using it as normal.
    (I need to know it before purchase one)
    Thanks all

  128. Ortega says:

    APk been installing for 6 hours now & I reset twice. about ready to destroy my electronics what should I do

  129. Jonny says:

    Hi, I can follow this all the way through to completion but on the very final screen after installing superrepo there isn’t an option to add add-ons! Can anyone help?



  130. Greg says:

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I am not familiar with this device. Is this Fire Stick able to receive all major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, fox, etc? Can I get most or all cable channels as well?

  131. Cole Barg says:

    So this is where I’m running into my issue. I have recently purchased a Fire Tv Stick in hopes of putting Kodi on it. I have been trying unsuccessfully for a while now. I have turned on the both of the developer options on my fire stick and correctly copied my IP Address. I have Ikono TV installed. Now this is where I run into my issue. I correctly installed adbFire 1.30 both on my Windows and Mac laptops. After inputing the Description and IP Address for the device I click Save and I can never get the IP Address to show up in the Connected devices window. Same thing on both laptops. I have tried stopping add and refreshing it, disconnecting and reconnecting but still no luck. I have even tried updating the adbFire software to 2.01 and retried everything on both systems only to have the same result. I have tried it with both the firewall on and off on both systems as well.

    • chris says:

      I’m having the same issue did you get this sorted if so how?

    • Tony says:

      I have the same problem with my pc, have you been able to solve the problem and if so how!

      • John says:

        It’s probably your internet service provider. Sign up for a VPN with IPVanish, it’ll prevent your ISP from blocking connections to servers

  132. Lauren says:

    I am on a Mac, latest software version (El Capitan) and cannot get adb to open. It says it’s due to my operating system. Suggestions?

  133. Cedric Jiles says:

    I’m not able to download Kodi because my Mac is saying There is no application set to open the document “kodi-15.1-Isengard-armeabi-v7a-2.apk”. What application do I need to open it?

  134. Michael says:

    I’ve followed the directions, the only thing is that it’s still telling me that my fire stick is offline. How do I change or correct that to have my device read online, it’s plug up into the tv and everything, is working besides reading offline when installing the apk.

  135. Julie Fiedler says:

    I want to upgrade to Kodi 16 and I downloaded the APK from the Kodi website, but for some reason adbfire keeps saying install failed. I’m not sure if the APK I have is the right one. Can you provide me with the correct one or let me know where I can retrieve it or let me know what I need to do different. Thanks

    • Julie Fiedler says:

      Do I have to uninstall the older version first? I really don’t want to have to do that, cause I will lose everything saved.

  136. Michelle says:

    Hi I’ve had my friend put kodi on my stick and on the tv screen it’s not connected plus the remote wont pair with the stick can anyone help me please thanks

  137. Mitch says:

    Once stick is set up the way I want it with Kodi, super ropo,and other addons can it be saved in my computer in case something happens so it can be restored/ reloaded? thanks

  138. Chris says:

    I’m having trouble getting the ip address to appear in the connected devices box i’ve followed all the steps and up till this point it was working now nothing

  139. Tony says:

    Can anyone help? I am stuck. I have installed the adbFire from the .exe file and entered all required information into the “Firetv and kodi companion” and clicked save. However I cannot get ADB to run, I have tried connect and reloaded and restarted many times but no luck. All appears correct with my NetGear router and the WiFi signal is very strong – any suggestions on what to do now??

  140. AkWingnut says:

    Ok, so I got it to install and everything, but when I go to try and access anything I get errors, check the logs. Where are the logs located at? I tried to load Dragon Stream and Ice(program) but they error out or say that I cannot access the webstream? Or with the Ice program it says or doesnt say anything once I click on new releases for movies, it just makes a clicking sound.. Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      That’s normal messaging for links that are broken. There are usually tons of links available for a stream. VODLOCKER is usually a reliable source. IceFilms seems to not be working lately. They may be having server issues.

  141. Chris says:

    Ok, I have both Kodi and adbfire installed, adbfire says it’s connected to my fire stick. When I click install APK it takes me to the select app to install window, I have located the Kodi file but I cannot click on it and make it download to fire stick whatsoever. It simply opens and allows me to look at all folders and files within the Kodi app.

  142. Trilby says:

    I just got a new 2016 firestick with alexa voice, are these still able to download these apps?

    • admin says:

      Yes, Kodi and the add-one work on the new firesticks and Fire TV’s

  143. Rand Frisch says:

    Comments are back open for questions installing Kodi Krypton 17 to Firesticks

  144. Aleisha says:

    I have everything downloaded. The file is unzipped. I’ve connected my fire stick. When I click on Install APK, the file that I need there. I have a llama.apk, su.apk, and tr.apk. Any suggestions??

    • John says:

      Follow our newest directions above to install Kodi to your Amazon FireTv and Firestick

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