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Simple Trick to Stream Star Wars Force Awakens Blu-Ray 720p 1080p Free With Kodi

Stream Star Wars Force Awakens in HD 720p 1080p Free With Kodi

Stream Star Wars Force Awakens 720pStar Wars The Force Awakens Blu-Ray rip in 720p and 1080p is now available to stream for free with Kodi and the best add-ons such as 1Channel, IceFilms, and Mashup.

Star Wars the Force Awakens Blu-Ray High Definition from Disney & Lucasfilm is set for release on April 5th, 2016. Unfortunately, for fans, the 3D version of Star Wars the Force Awakens isn’t planned on being released until the 2016 Holiday season.

Disney, likely wants to capitalize on the success of their new Star Wars movie for a double dipping of fans wallets. Nothing new for Lucasfilm, whom has made their bread and butter milking the original Star Wars franchise as well as the new episodes, for every penny they’ve got left in any special editions, directors cut, extended footage, behind the scenes, 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special crap they’ve got up their marketing sleeves. The irony is there’s lines of fanboys with their wallets out ready and willing for the next repackage.

How to Stream Star Wars The Force Awakens With Kodi, 1Channel, Phoenix and UKTurks Playlist.

  1. Make sure Kodi is installed, follow one of our simple install articles for your desktop, TV or mobile device.
  2. Add Fusion Repo as a source with the next few steps:
  3. In Kodi, navigate to System>File Manager
  4. Select Add Source
  5. Click none
  6. Type in and click Done
  7. Now enter a name for this source, Fusion, and click OK
  8. Go back to System>Settings>Add Ons>Install from zip file
  9. Select Fusion>start-here>
  10. Let this install for 30 seconds or so. you’ll see confirmation in the bottom right.
  11. Now go to Programs>Add-on Installer
  12. Select Featured Addons
  13. Once this opens, you’ll see installers for all of the best Add-Ons for Kodi including Phoenix, 1Channel and UK Turks Playlist.
  14. Install each Add-On that you want.
  15. To use the Add-Ons go to Video>Add-Ons
  16. For HD streaming of Star Wars The Force Awakens, open 1 Channel>Movies>Featured
  17. Alternatively, you can search for Star Wars as well.

Stream Star Wars Force Awakens on Kodi With 1 Channel

 Watch Star Wars Force Awakens Online Free

So there you have it, completely free streaming of Disney’s first Star Wars movie release. JJ Abrahams did a great job reigniting the franchise to salvage what the previous three episodes did to the Star Wars Legacy. It was great to see Han Solo and Chewbacca back in action and the story line surrounding Luke Skywalker is exciting for what’s left to come on future Star Wars movies. Hopefully they can maintain this fresh appeal and keep the franchise growing for future generations of the Force.