Stream UFC 229 PPV McGregor vs Khabib Live and Free With Kodi

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Watch and Stream UFC 229 McGregor vs Khabib Live and Free With Kodi

Stream UFC 229 live on pay per view for free with Kodi and the best MMA sports add-ons. Why spend $60 on a PPV card when you can hack your Firestick. In just a few short minutes you’ll be able to stream UFC 229 for free. This UFC event is one we’ve all been waiting for. After all of the drama and the years of anticipation, we finally get to see Conor McGregor and Khabib in the Octagon together.

This has been a long-time in the making. Who can forget the videos of Conor throwing a hand-truck through a bus window. Or the security footage of McGregor and his thugs running through the tunnels of Barclay wreaking havoc in search of Khabib. McGregor’s been on a year-long vacation. In the mean-time Khabib has been tearing through opponents. He put such a vicious verbal and physical beating on Michael Johnson it was chilling to think of him doing the same to McGregor. It’s quite possible, in the wake of the Mayweather-money wave, that Conor has lost the thirst and drive for training and competition. It’s even more possible that the drive has only grown stronger in Khabib and we’re likely to see a grown man’s body beaten senseless as his ego drips from his eyes. Congratulations fans, this is what we’ve been waiting for.

Stream UFC 229 Co-Main Ferguson vs Pettis

In the co-main event, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis takes a huge jump in competition as he meets Anthony Ferguson in the Octagon. Fans of Pettis have seen his rise and fall and now he has risen again from the depths of Showtime abyss. Pettis, at one point, was the most exciting fighter in the WEC and then UFC after the acquisition. The past few years have been a slow decline, met with many losses. Moves in weight, close calls with being cut, and a little brother/coworker with his own set of problems that don’t make it any easier. Despite that, Pettis has been on the rise and looks like a renewed man out there. It also helps that little bro’s been on the W side lately as well. they both fight on this card, which hasn’t happened in awhile. Hopefully they don’t jinx their ascent together.

Stream UFC 229 Prelims free with Fubo.TV

Stream UFC 229 prelims free with FuboTV, the newest television streaming service.  Sign-up for a free trial today and start streaming UFC 229 instantly. If you’re a cord cutter like us, FuboTV gets even better because it comes with tons of the most popular cable tv channels. You get access to most local channels and the best, most popular premium cable channels. So hop over, sign-up for a free account and start watching the great fights lined up for UFC 229.

Watch Free UFC 229 Prelims on FuboTV

Step 1: Before You Start Streaming Register for a VPN

Look, lets not forget that streaming anything online that is copyrighted, is technically illegal. Net neutrality is dead and ISP’s are watching everything you do online. Government officials have gone hard on Kodi developers who have distributed video add-ons. SportsDevil, 1Channel, Phoenix and many other great video add-ons are dead.

Do yourself a huge favor and sign up for IPVanish before you stream anything online. VPN’s route you through a virtual server that hides your identity and prevents your internet provider from seeing what you do online. VPN’s prevent your ISP from throttling our speeds as well. Internet providers are also blocking servers that stream content, making your Kodi experience horrible. VPN’s avoid all of this and gives you the best streaming experience on Kodi.

Step 2: Install Git Browser to Kodi

In case you haven’t heard, Git Hub is the newest and best way for developers to distribute and maintain their third-party video add-ons. The old days of repositories like Ares Wizard and SuperRepo are dead. Long-time popular add-ons like SportsDevil and Phoenix are dead as well. These are all victims of the crack-down by the FBI and a coalition of lawyers representing the largest production companies in the United States.

As a result, Git Hub has become the best form of distribution because it is decentralized. Follow our detailed article, “How to Install Git Browser” for downloading the best working add-ons for Kodi in August 2018.

Step 3: Install Joker Sports from Git Hub

Once you have Git Browser installed, you can now search for different developers and download their add-ons. You can easily do a Google search for Git Hub Kodi Add-Ons to get a list of developer names. Follow our easy guide, “How to Install Joker Sports“.

Once you have Joker Sports installed, look for a BTSport 2 link. This will carry the entire UFC 228 event.


UFC 229 Full Schedule for Early Prelims, Prelims, and PPV Card

Stream UFC PPV Fights Live on Kodi Free

Saturday, September 22 10:30PM/7:30PM ET/PT
Sao Paola, Brazil
Sat. October 6, 2018 10PM/7PM ETPT
Nevada, Las Vegas
Saturday, October 27
Moncton, New Brunswick
Sat. November 3, 2018 8PM/5PM ETPT
Nevada, Las Vegas
Saturday, November 10
Denver, CO
Saturday, November 17
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Saturday, November 24
Beijing, China
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