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How Can I Stream and Watch UFC Fight Night 63, Without Cable TV, For Free?

Looking to watch UFC Fight Night 63 Mendes vs Lamas? If you’re smart and have cut your cable provider, you’re probably wondering how you can watch UFC fights now that you don’t have access to FX, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2. In fact, it’s actually very easy to stream these fights live on the internet straight to your TV or computer. If you have Kodi or XBMC installed on your device already, then you’re almost there. The second thing you need is an add-on called AAA Stream. You can find AAA Stream in the SuperRepo repository. Click on the following link to see our article on how to add SuperRepo to your Kodi installation.

How to Install SuperRepo

How To Install AAA Stream

Once you’ve installed SuperRepo, you’re going to need to install and enable AAA Stream. To do this, go to your System>Settings>Add-ons>Get Add-Ons and select SuperRepo All. Once SuperRepo opens you’ll see .AAA Stream at the very top. Select and install it. Once you get confirmation of AAA Stream being installed and enabled you’re ready to go into your add-ons and start streaming from AAA Stream. To watch UFC Fight Night 63 Mended vs Lamas you’re going to want to find a good BTSports 1 stream. BTSports 1 shows the entire UFC event and you can usually find multiple links that work great on AAA Stream.

Better Alternative To SportsDevil

SportsDevil is kind of known as the go-to add-on for watching live UFC events, but sometimes the streams there can be very unreliable and the quailty on SportsDevil can sometimes be low. We like to find new and better alternatives for watching live sports. The other great thing about AAA Stream, that Sports Devil doesn’t have, are Spanish speaking channels.

Make sure to come back to this webpage at fight time to get up-to-the-minute information on where to find the best streams. Make sure to post questions and comments below.

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