Watch FREE UFC 189 Aldo vs McGregor Live on Kodi & XBMC Stream

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How to watch UFC 189 Aldo vs McGregor LIVE on PPV

Aldo-Mcgregor-UFC-189-Free-Kodi-XBMCThere’s only one reason you’re here, to watch UFC 189 for free. July 11th, 2015 can’t come quick enough if you’re a UFC fan chomping-at-the-bit to see Conor McGregor try and backup his constant smack talking in the cage against current champion Jose Aldo. Jose Aldo has held the belt for years now and people are starting to wonder if he still has that same drive and hunger that got him there in the first place. Conor McGregor, on the other hand, is the UFC’s rising star and newest cash machine. BFF Dana White has been riding McGregor’s ball sack for the past 10 months and there’s no sign of him jumping off anytime soon. This UFC 189 world tour to hype the ticket sales was even more proof.

Step 1: Installing Kodi or XBMC for streaming UFC 189 McGregor Aldo

First and foremost you must have a device with Kodi or XBMC installed on it. Kodi and XBMC are media player software that can be installed on almost any device. PC’s, Macs, AppleTV’s, Amazon FireTV, FireTV Sticks, iPads, iPhones, Android devices etc. All of these can easily run Kodi or XBMC. Some need to be jailbroken before they can have this software installed, others are very simple to do. The easiest is your personal computer, regardless of whether it’s a PC or Mac. It’s recommended you start with your computer first, learn how to install and use everything, and then get into more in-depth installations like your AppleTV’s and FireTV’s. They each have their own way of being hacked and trying to learn everything all at once can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Whichever way you decide, you can find our thorough, step-by-step directions, by choosing one of the article buttons below. Once you’re done, come back and continue on to Step 2.

Apple TV — Kodi & XBMC Installation Instructions FireTV Stick — Kodi & XBMC Installation Instructions PC & Mac — Kodi & XBMC Installation Instructions

Step 2: Installing Add-Ons to Stream UFC 189 Live


Click Here To Download SportsDevil Add-On

Once you’ve downloaded the SportsDevil add-on make sure it is still zipped. If it is not still zipped, re-download it by right clicking and selecting Save File As, then save your file to the desktop.

Next navigate to System>Settings>Install from zip file. Select your Desktop from the file browser that opens on the right side of your screen. Then select the SportsDevil zip file you downloaded to your desktop. SportsDevil will then install and confirm it is enabled.

If you are on an Amazon FireTV, add the source “” in your File Manager. Go to System>File Manager>Add Source and then enter the url in the previous sentence. Give it a name and click OK. Then navigate to System>Settings>Get Add-Ons and select the name of the source you just added. Find the newest SportsDevil .zip file in there and select it. Give it a couple minutes and you’ll see the SportsDevil add-on enabled.

Now that SportsDevil is installed, navigate to your home screen, select Videos>Add-Ons>SportsDevil once Sports Devil opens select Live Sports. You’ll now be given a selection of channels you can stream from. Our top picks to test first are VipBox.TV, and Most of the time you’ll find a great stream in the first channel you pick. Sometimes it takes a little while to weed through all of the streams.

Once you select a channel on SportsDevilm for example,, you’ll then select either Boxing/WWE/UFC, or Now Playing. You’ll next see a list of all of the events that are available to watch live. For UFC 189, you’ll see three events listed for it. UFC 189 Fight Pass prelims, UFC 189 Prelims on Fox, and UFC 189 Main card PPV event. Your best bet is to find a BTSports1 Stream and you can stay tuned to that for the duration of the fight card. Otherwise, you may have to switch to a new stream in between the UFC’s programming of the main card and the preliminary bouts.

OPTION 2: AAA Stream

 Another option is to stream through a newer add-on called AAA Stream. To install this add-on you’ll first need to have SuperRepo added as a file source in your file manager. To get setup with this, follow our article on installing SuperRepo here. Once you’ve got SuperRepo installed, come back here to get AAA Stream for UFC 189 free.

 Install SuperRepo Add-Ons

Now that you have Superrepo added, you need to install and enable AAA Stream. Navigate to System>Settings>Add-Ons>Get Add-Ons. Select Super repo from your file browser, then Video Add-Ons. You’ll find .AAA Stream Live TV near the very top. Select it and let it install and enable.

Once AAA Streams has been enabled, go to Videos>Add-Ons>AAA Streams>Live Sport. From here it gets a bit unreliable. Although you can usually find a great link, where you find it is never in the same place. That being said, look for BTSports 1 and Fox Sports 1 streams. most of the time those are the ones you want to get UFC 189 free.

Bookmark this page and come back on July 11th, 2015 when Aldo defends his belt vs. McGregor at UFC 189. We’ll have the most updated information of where to get the best free live streams for UFC 189.

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