Watch Storks Full Movie Online Free With Kodi 2016

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How to Watch Storks Online for Free With Kodi

watch-storks-movie-free-kodiThe new Sony animated movie Storks (2016) is now available online to watch for free without downloading. You can stream the full movie Storks when you install Kodi to your media device following the steps below. Once Kodi is installed, you’ll need to add the Fusion Repo for add-ons like 1Channel and Exodus. If you’re looking for more ways to see your favourite movies, you can watch movies online free full movie no sign up with Gototub.

Step 1: Install Kodi to Your Media Device

Select one of the following devices for our easy-to-follow Kodi installation instructions:

  1. Amazon Fire TV and Firestick
  2. Apple TV
  3. Amazon Fire Tablet
  4. Mac’s & PC’s

Step 2: Install Fusion Repo to Kodi

Now that Kodi is installed, you’ll need to install add-ons onto Kodi for access to all of the free tv and movies. Follow our simple procedure to add Fusion Repo.

  1. How to Install Fusion Repo

Step 3: Install 1Channel

After you have installed Fusion, follow the directions in that same article to install 1Channel from Program>Addon Installer

Now that 1 Channel is installed, launch it by going to Videos>Addons>1Channel

Once 1 Channel has launched and run through it’s initial installation process, navigate to Movies>Featured and Storks (2016) should be on the first page. Alternatively, you can go to Movies>Search and search for Storks.

Select the movie Storks and then test a couple streams to find the one that works best for you.

Watching Storks Online With Kodi

Storks is still currently in the movie theaters and was just released a few days ago. The copy available online is a TS, which means it’s a direct audio rip and a HD camcorder inside of a movie theatre. This copy, unlike others, is pretty good and totally watchable. If you have kids, they’ll definitely watch this one over and over again. The audio track is amazing and is great in surround sound. The video is a little blown out in the highlights but the compression was done really well and there is no artifacting. Fast motion shots during the movie hold up well and the motion blur feels true to a cinematic feature. Fortunately, the camera was centered well on the screen and there aren’t any ghost-heads popping up during the movie. This is sure to please any animation fan until the DVD release lands online.

Storks (2016) TS Version Ratings

  1. Video Quality 6 out of 10
  2. Audio Quality 9 out of 10

watch storks 2016 online free full movie

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