Watch UFC 183 For Free With This Simple Trick

UPDATE:February 1st, 2015

How to Watch UFC 183 Full Replay On Kodi

Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Superfight at UFC 183 , Watch it Free!

silva-diaz-ufc-183If you’re any kind of MMA fan, the upcoming Superfight between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz at UFC 183, has got you super excited. These two are known for their smack-talking and taunting in the cage, this epic matchup should go down in history as one of the most entertaining fights in MMA history, and you can watch it for free by following these simple steps.

First and foremost, you should have Kodi (formerly XBMC) installed on your device. If you don’t, follow the instructions in our HOW TO INSTALL KODI OR XBMC ON YOUR DEVICE article. Once you’ve done that, come back to this posting to get yourself setup to watch UFC 183 for free.

Now that you have Kodi or XBMC installed, you need to install the SportsDevil Add-On. If you already have the newest, fixed version of SportsDevil (as of January 12th, 2015) skip to Step 3. Otherwise continue to Step 1 to download and install the SportsDevil add-on.

Step 1. Download the .zip SportsDevil Add-On here. Make sure that your computer does not automatically unzip this file. You need it zipped to install. Re-zipping it once it has been unzipped will not work, you’ll need to download the file again and save it to your Desktop.

Step 2. Open Kodi (XBMC) and navigate to System>Settings>Add-ons>Install from zip file and with the file browser window that opens, navigate to your SportsDevil .zip file and select it. SportsDevil will install and you’ll see a brief confirmation in the bottom right hand corner pop-up. Click the Home Icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 3. Navigate to Videos>Video Add-ons>Sports Devil once SportsDevil opens, go to Live Sports>VipBox.TV>Boxing/WWE/UFC

SportsDevil-VipBoxTV SportsDevil-VipBoxTV-MMA-UFC-WWE SportsDevil-VipBoxTV-MMA-UFC-WWE-UFC-183

Step 4. Select UFC 183 – Silva – Diaz and wait a few seconds while SportsDevil aggregates the fight streams. You’ll start to see Live Streams show up as soon as the Fight Pass Early Prelims start. It’s hit or miss with the different streams. You’ll need to try a few to find the best one. Some will work, while others don’t. Be patient and take a couple minutes to find a good one. I guarantee every fight that airs always has multiple good streams on SportsDevil and VipBox.TV

 UFC 183 Diaz v Silva, an Epic Event

So there you have it, fast, simple steps to watch UFC 183 absolutely free on Saturday January 31st. You’re not going to want to miss watching this epic matchup. Many questions have yet to be answered. Will Anderson Silva’s legs keep him moving fast enough to evade the onslaught of slap-punches Diaz is looking to serve him? Will Diaz have enough confidence and positivity to attack the ex-champion and not just play a defense game? Will Diaz even make it to the fight? This aloof fighter is known to do off-the-wall things before fights and often skips out on mandatory media events among other things. His me against the world attitude is what a lot of fans like in him, but how far will he take it before it ends up blowing up in his face with self-destructive behavior. Only time will tell. Tune in Saturday January 31st as the “Spider” returns to the Octagon for what is sure to be a clash of the titans.

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