Watch UFC 183 Replay On Demand For Free: Silva vs Diaz

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UFC 183 On Demand and in High Definition

The fight is over and attention is already shifting to Ronda Rousey and UFC 184. However, if you missed the live PPV event, or simply want to watch a great fight card a couple more times, you can easily watch UFC 183 on demand and in high definition with the Mashup plugin for Kodi and XBMC.

If you don’t have Kodi or XBMC installed yet, follow our installation instructions on one of these articles, depending on your device. Installation shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes for the PC and Mac, and 10-15 minutes for hacking your AppleTV 1. Once you’ve completed installation return here for the next steps to watching UFC 183 on demand, anytime you want to watch or download it.

Install Kodi or XBMC on a PC or Mac Install Kodi or XBMC to Your Apple TV

Now that you have Kodi or XBMC installed, it’s time to install the the Mashup Add-On.

STEP 1. Download MASHUP

Download The MASHUP Add-On Here

To prevent your computer from automatically unzipping this add-on, right click the button above and save the file to your Desktop. It’ll make it easier to find when you install it into Kodi or XBMC. If your computer automatically unzips it, you’ll need to download it again.

STEP 2:  Launch KODI or XBMC

If you haven’t already, launch Kodi or XBMC and navigate to System>Settings>Add-ons>Install from zip file. Use the file browser to navigate to your Select it and click OK. Wait a few seconds and you should see confirmation of its installation and activation in the lower right hand corner. Go head and click the HOME button icon.

Now navigate to Videos>Video Add ons>Mashup

Click on Super Search and select Movies, a search bar will appear, type in UFC 183 and select Done.


Step 3: Find a UFC 183 Stream

Select whatever UFC 183 event you want to watch. you’ll see the UFC 183 prelims as well as the UFC 183 main card fights. From this point it’s easy, just find a stream that works best for you and enjoy the full UFC 183 match Silve vs Diaz. If you’d like to download the fight for watching later, right click a stream and select Download Movie.

You’ll be prompted to select your download source if you haven’t already one so.


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