Watch UFC 193 Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm Live and Free PPV on Kodi

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Easy Trick to Watch UFC 193 Ronda Rousey Beat Holly Holm on PPV Free With Kodi on Your Amazon FireTV and Apple TV

UFC 193 takes place Saturday November 14th, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia when Ronda Rousey defends her belt against Holly Holm. Watch it live and free on pay per view with your hacked and jailbroken Kodi player. Kodi is capable of being played on any Amazon FireTV and Fire TV stick, Apple TV’s and your computer, both mac and PC. Our easy to do tricks will have you watching UFC 193 on Kodi in as few as 15 minutes. This UFC is sure to be full of fireworks as some of the best enter the octagon in Australia.

The main event should be a scorcher as Ronda Rousey takes on Holm, a decorated boxing champ who’s probably going to be tossed around like a rag doll when Rousey gets a hold of her. If Ronda thinks she’s going to be able to stand and bang with Holm like she did with Bethe Correia, she’d better reanalyze her game plan and stick to her Judo. Holm is way out of her league on this one, but with no one else in the UFC, or Invicta for that matter, to fight Rousey, Holm was the only one they could hype with her boxing background. Lets see if the ginger Barbie can hold her own against the reigning champ. Personally, we don’t see this one lasting longer than 29 seconds.

In the other women’s title fight we have Joanna Jedrzejczyk taking on Valerie Letourneau. Not sure who Valerie is, but I know that crazy bitch Jedrzejczyk is going to fuck her up. Jedrzejczyk is psycho, I’d put her in the octagon with Rousey and watch her rip up Rousey with brute force and will. This chick is harder than most of the men in the UFC. Bite down Valerie, I’d hate to see that pretty face loose some teeth. The other big fight on the PPV main card is Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Bigfoot Silva. These guys threw down about a year ago and it was one of the best fights we’ve ever seen. These heavyweights were slinging leather and passing our concussions like it was halloween candy. These guys are going to bang, somebody’s going to be tasting canvas when it’s all over.

So lets get to the jail breaking and hacking and install Kodi. We’ve written up amazing, step-by-step articles on how to install Kodi, based on your device. Here are the devices and the corresponding article to follow. Once you’ve followed the directions to install Kodi and the repos on your media device, return back to this article to get detailed instructions on where to find good streams on Kodi for watching UFC 193 live and free.

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Where to watch UFC 193 Free with Kodi and SportsDevil

Now that you have Kodi installed to your device, you need to make sure you have SportsDevil and Navi-X installed as an Add-On into Kodi. These are your tickets to the free PPV live streams that will air UFC 193. Some of the previous articles have the SuperRepo installation included in the steps. If you haven’t added SuperRepo yet, follow this article for linking up to SuperRepo and getting all of your add-ons:

Add SuperRepo to Kodi

Find the Best Streams of UFC 193 on Kodi

Now that you have added SuperRepo and have installed SportsDevil and Navi-X, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a great live stream of UFC 193. Open up SportsDevil and navigate to Live Sports. On the next screen go down to VIP and select it, and then select WWE/UFC/Boxing on the next screen. Once that opens you will see UFC 193, select that and you will have a list of streams to choose from. Not all of them will work, so be a little patient and try each one until your happy. If you can’t find a good one on SportsDevil, head over to your Navi-X add-on and launch it. Inside you’ll see a link for the Latest Media Queries Within 24 hours. Click in there and then find a UFC 193 link. There should be a lot of them here, but they’re a little harder to find since there’s not a clear organization of sports links.


Here’s Everything You Need For Free Movies and TV:


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