How to Watch UFC Fight Night 185 Cowboy vs Gaethje Free on Kodi Firestick

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Stream UFC Fight Night 185 Cowboy vs Gaethje with Kodi on Your Firestick Free

Watch and stream UFC 185 – Fight Night Cowboy vs Gaethje as the young buck takes on the original BMF belt holder. Nate Diaz may be claiming the baddest mother fucker title as he takes on Jorge Masvidal in UFC 244, but everybody knows the OG BMF is Donald Cerrone, aka Cowboy. First of all, his ranch is named the BMF Ranch. As if that wasn’t enough, his wallet says Baddest Mother Fucker, and no, that’s not just a line in Pulp Fiction. So tune in and watch the baddest UFC fighter drop the young Gaethje in round 2.

These UFC PPV fights are scheduled for September 14, 2019 and are exclusively on ESPN. However, with Kodi and your favorite media device (such as Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Chromecast) you can easily stream the entire UFC fight night 185 card absolutely free. Follow our guide below to stream UFC Fight Pass without a subscription.

Recent crackdowns leading into 2019 have led to many lawsuits. As a result, 3rd party video add-ons are getting shut down constantly. Things are constantly changing in the Kodi world and working add-ons literally change overnight. We’ve got the most up-to-date guides to show you where to get working add-ons to stream UFC Fight Pass and UFC PPV Events.

Stream UFC fight night Prelims free with ESPN on FuboTV

Watch Free UFC Fight Night Prelims on FuboTV

Stream UFC 242 prelims free with ESPN on FuboTV, the newest television streaming service.  Sign-up for a free trial today and start streaming UFC 242 instantly. If you’re a cord cutter like us, FuboTV gets even better because it comes with tons of the most popular cable tv channels. You get access to most local channels and the best, most popular premium cable channels. So hop over, sign-up for a free account and start watching the great fights lined up for UFC 242.

Step 1: How do I prevent a copyright infringement violation?

Sign-up for an IPVanish VPN

Be smart when streaming video or downloading torrents. ISP’s keep logs of everything you do online. Federal law is getting stiffer with penalties for users who stream and download copyrighted content. Using a VPN keeps you anonymous online and has many other benefits when streaming video with Kodi. Major internet providers like AT&T, Verizon, Cox and others actually throttle your internet speeds when they detect illegal streaming, especially if you use a lot bandwidth and have caps on the amount your can use each month. VPN’s prevent your ISP from slowing down your speeds because they can’t see what you’re doing. VPN’s can also prevent buffering issues and being blocked from accessing known streaming servers. We personally use and highly recommend a VPN from IPVanish, you can sign-up and have it running in minutes.

UFC 242 Inside the Octagon

Step 2: How do I Stream UFC 242 free on my Firestick?

Install Kodi to Your Firestick

If you don’t already have Kodi installed to your Firestick, you’ll need to do that first. If you already have Kodi installed skip to step 3.

Step 3: Where do I get Video Add-Ons For Kodi?

Install Git Browser and Joker Sports

Ares Wizard doesn’t work anymore. Neither do most of the other video add-ons we used to use, such as SportsDevil and UK Turk Playlist. Authorities have shut down every major repository out there that used to keep these add-ons working and up-to-date.

Fortunately, we can get new add-ons from Git Hub that work. Developers use Git Hub as a new, decentralized way to distribute video add-ons. Follow our guides below for installing gitbrowser and Joker Sports.

How to Install GitBrowser

Install Live Sports Streaming Add-on Joker Sports

Easily Install Kodi on These Recommended Devices 

How to Install Ares Wizard to Kodi

The easiest way to get access to the best video add-ons for streaming is to install Ares Wizard to your Kodi. Follow our easy installation guide for Ares Wizard here. This will only take you a couple minutes to install.

How to Install Sportsdevil, MIC (Made In Canada) & Planet MMA

Once Ares Wizard is installed you can easily find the video add-ons for streaming UFC Fight Pass for free.

Open Ares Wizard in Kodi by going to Add Ons>Program Add-Ons and open Ares Wizard. It will take 30 seconds or so for it to open and when it does click on Browse Add-ons in the top left corner. When the add-ons list loads, install SportsDevil, MIC Made In Canada and Planet MMA.

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